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Some of the scariest gaming experiences have been provided by PT Silent Hill.

Aside from Silent Hill HD Collection, the series has been largely stagnant for the last decade, with only a handful of spin-offs released at the end of that generation. After a few less than stellar entries, Resident Evil, gaming’s other great horror series, has seen a remarkable comeback, so there’s no reason why Silent Hill can’t do the same.

 The Worst and Best Silent Hill Games (According To Metacritic)

Sadly, the Kojima-led Silent Hills project was shelved, but the groundwork it laid for future Silent Hill games can still be used. When it comes to rebooting the Silent Hill series, there are ten things that must be done, just like Resident Evil 7 did for Resident Evil.

pt kojima’s 10 Most Distinctive Setting Ideas

Yes, each Silent Hill game takes place in the town of the same name, but that doesn’t preclude a reboot from trying something new. In part, P.T.’s success can be attributed to its eerie hallway setting, which had never been seen in any other video game. Because the setting of Silent Hill so closely resembles everyday life, why not take that to the next level by setting the game in a smaller, more personal setting

Silent Hill 4: The Room attempted a similar concept, but it could be taken to the next level with some P.T. panache.

Silent Hill’s first-person perspective was introduced by P.T., and that feature should definitely be included in a future reboot of the series. Similar to Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 7’s scares were amplified tenfold.

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The familiarity of Silent Hill’s environments makes them eerie, and a first-person camera would help players feel more immersed in the experience. No other game has managed to capture the dread of walking down a dark hallway like P.T. has been able to do so to this date.

8 Do Not Engage in a Battle. Simultaneous four-player gameplay

Combat isn’t usually a big part of survival horror games, but it should be in a reboot of Silent Hill. Taking away the player’s ability to defend themselves is a great way to make them feel helpless in a survival horror game. Outlast and other recent horror games have tried this, and Silent Hill should follow suit. There should still be some fighting, but weapons and ammo should be in short supply at all times. Unlike most of the other characters in P.T., Lisa cannot be killed, but she also doesn’t pose a real threat to the player in the grand scheme of things.

It has 7 Livestream Connectivity pt lisa

For a reboot of Silent Hill, streaming services like Twitch and YouTube should be utilised to their fullest potential. In addition to providing new ways for streamers to interact with their audiences, Twitch extensions and other forms of streaming connectivity would be ideal in a Silent Hill game because they would enhance the experience for both the audience and the streamer. People watching a stream should be able to trigger certain sound effects or other in-game things to keep things tense for the person playing and to add an additional layer of uncertainty to the game.

Horrors of the Mind (6)

If a reboot of Silent Hill is going to succeed, it needs to focus on what made it great in the first place, especially when other horror franchises like Resident Evil have recently had huge resurgences. Silent Hill offers a very particular type of horror, one that many other video games don’t do very well, and a Silent Hill reboot could absolutely know it out of the park. For a full game, P.T. laid the groundwork for a Silent Hill game that gets inside the minds of the players like never before, making it one of the best of the series.

Rumors of Konami’s support for 5 VR have surfaced.

If a Silent Hill reboot is going to adopt a first-person camera, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have VR support. Resident Evil 7 had VR functionality on PlayStation 4, and even to this day, it remains one of the best games available on any VR platform. Silent Hill’s creepy atmosphere would be perfect for virtual reality, and the small-town setting would resemble the Baker estate from Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 7 is heavily influenced by the cancelled Silent Hills, so a Silent Hill reboot taking inspiration from Resident Evil 7 would complete the circle.

4 Low Observation PlayStation 1 gme Silent Hill

Although the fog in the original Silent Hill was created due to technical limitations, it played an important role in creating the game’s mood and atmosphere. A Silent Hill reboot should keep the fog even though technology has progressed significantly since the original PlayStation. This is both an homage to the classic games and an opportunity to improve performance and graphics.

  • As a result of employing fog and limiting the field of view, the developers will be able to get the most out of the current generation of consoles, creating an incredibly realistic-looking game.

Storytelling Highlights: 3 For sale is the silenthill.com domain name

The first Silent Hill games were not just praised for the horror aspects, but also their stories. Since Silent Hill 2 has such an engaging narrative, any new Silent Hill game must do an excellent job of emulating that experience if it hopes to be considered a worthy successor to the originals.

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