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Most of us have realised that the next normal will be very different from what we’re used to. We’ve learned from the pandemic that adaptability and an open mind are essential in times of upheaval.

Technological companies have been delivering cutting-edge products that are fiercely competitive in the market. Consider how good (or bad) video calls were before the pandemic. As a result of the increased competition created by COVID, new features are now being released on a monthly rather than annual basis.

Videoconferencing has long been touted as a means of fostering closer working relationships. Another thing we learned from the COVID conference is that videoconferencing isn’t always the panacea we expected. Even though it’s fine for formal meetings, it isn’t a substitute for informal encounters and water-cooler chats that take place in the office break rooms. Since when have you been on a phone call with 49 people listening to a single person talk?

For the year 2022, the metaverse appears to be a hot new technology. As a sign of its dedication to the metaverse, Facebook has renamed itself to Meta. Meta is also looking into ways to bring the metaverse to the workplace, such as through virtual reality headsets. VR headsets can be worn in Horizon Workrooms to simulate being in an office meeting, but many people argue that this skeuomorphic meeting experience isn’t made any better by simply wearing more virtual reality gear on your head.

The following are four RPA trends to keep an eye out for in 2022:

Microsoft, on the other hand, is working to put the metaverse to use. Using Microsoft Teams in 2022, users will be able to replace their video streams with 3D avatars depicting themselves. A benefit is that this allows people to maintain a physical presence even when not in the mood to be photographed. This can worsen the psychological effects of having one’s real face and all of its flaws obliterated by an idealised avatar caricature.

1. Tools for the Metaverse Workplace

No credit card is required for you to try out some of these startups’ metaverse workplace tools right now. Here are a few of my favourite songs..

To begin, assemble a group.

Using user-created 2D worlds with spatial audio and video, Gather was developed early in the pandemic to facilitate collaboration. The interface is reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda video game from the 1980s, with users navigating the virtual worlds on their laptops by pressing the cursor keys. The audio and video fade in when you approach another person, making networking natural. As soon as you’ve joined a group, you’ll be able to see and hear everyone and decide whether or not to stay. That 50-person conference room with only one person speaking and no way to join in on another conversation is nothing like that.

Some of your coworkers may be put off by Gather’s Zelda-like desktop experience because they think it’s too much fun. On a phone, it may be impossible for some people to use it at all. In either case, it is critical to establish realistic expectations. This metaverse tool can be used by anyone who has a laptop or desktop computer and has a kid-like curiosity.

Gather’s custom world-building capabilities are one of its best assets. Red Hat Chicago was re-created by some of my colleagues using this tool. Conversations between coworkers can be started simply by knocking on their cubicle door. They can all hang out in the break room together. A friend of mine used it for a multi-day company retreat, which included areas for crafts, wine tasting, and other fun activities for employees.

Setting expectations is essential. Everyone should try this metaverse tool from a laptop or desktop and bring a sense of wonder.

2. Branching out

As with Gather, Branch lets you create and explore 2D worlds. Rather than having audio and video, it’s audio first. Your mouth moves in time with your voice, and you’re a sphere that looks like a Zelda-like sprite. Camera-shy users will likely enjoy this type of environment, where cameras aren’t turned on by default. If you want to use your camera, go ahead and do so.

3. Is it possible to wonder?

Wonder also allows you to create very simple worlds to collaborate on, but its simplicity is a positive feature, not a negative feature. Create topic area squares for specific conversations on a blank canvas instead of a 2D world. Additionally, you can use ice-breaker questions to help people find the people they are most interested in speaking with. Conversation circles can be formed in any of the topic areas, and users can switch between circles at any time. Wonder may be a good fit for more traditional workplaces or professional networking events because of its clean and simple interface.


To put it another way, NOWHERE expands the concepts discussed above into the third dimension. In addition to the pre-built 3D worlds, NOWHERE offers a wide range of customization options for each of these worlds. You don’t have to be a 3D artist to give your users a world that’s full of eye-catching graphics and memorable branding.

Entering the space, you’ll see that the NOWHERE founders aren’t just technologists; they’re also artists working in the live events industry. Like renting a museum for an event, you can use NOWHERE to set up a virtual museum in which you can display your own artwork as well as company images. As a result of the tool’s 3D navigation, one or more DJs may be able to play music to set the mood. When guests arrive, event staff can greet them, provide a quick orientation on the layout, and direct them into the event so they can mingle.

A theatre with a screen where you can show videos, slideshows, or an application is one of NOWHERE’S many worlds. There is also a stage for speeches.

Advantages to using a hybrid working model:

Workbook: It takes time and effort to change.

The Automated Business: A Guide

In contrast to Branch, where video is always on by default, in NOWHERE video is always off by default. This is by design, as the creators believe that having cameras on by default promotes healthy online spaces by preventing an imbalance in social dynamics caused by inconsistent video use.

All the way to the’metaverse’

As we begin a new year, I’m looking forward to seeing how technological advancements will enhance our professional lives. Please join me in exploring new avenues of communication with your coworkers, business associates and clients. Approach this investigation with curiosity and a growth mindset, and use the most appropriate tools and technologies to achieve your desired outcomes.”

By Adam

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