Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Sifu should be a significant inspiration for a Daredevil video game, which gamers have been clamouring for for some time now.


Daredevil is one of the few Marvel characters worthy of a video game adaptation. Troy Baker, for example, has expressed an interest in making a hero-centric video game, and a previous project based on the hero was in the works but ultimately failed. Daredevil’s MCU debut has boosted interest in the character, making a video game more likely than ever before. If a Daredevil video game ever comes to fruition, it should function similarly to Sifu. A novel age mechanic, stunning presentation, and challenging combat have made the independent title a tremendous hit. In terms of gameplay, it would be a wonderful fit for Daredevil because of the character’s melee-focused combat style and Sifu’s level building approach.

In addition to fixing bugs, the Sifu Update adds new features as well.

It’s been difficult to decide on a genre for a Daredevil game because the character defies easy categorization. Even while open-world games like Marvel’s Spider-Man are popular, Daredevil’s movement is restricted to the grappling hook on his billy club, making a trip through Hell’s Kitchen feel a little dull in comparison. Telltale’s choice-based games are known for delivering standout storey moments that highlight Matt Murdock’s legal acumen, but the character’s fighting prowess would likely be better utilised in a more in-depth combat mode. It’s much easier to conceive a solo Daredevil game now that Sifu is available. In the same way that Daredevil is well-versed in dealing with large groups of attackers, Sifu’s technique of having multiple enemies thrown at the player at once and requiring them to learn parries and dodges makes sense for the Marvel hero. The showy takedowns and scooping up enemy weaponry would also work well for Daredevil, as would his trademark billy clubs. The first level in the game, named The Squats, has one of Sifu’s most memorable moments. Before long, players are thrust into a side-scrolling perspective as they make their way through an enemy-infested hallway. With the one-shot nature of that scenario brilliantly portrayed in this Sifu combat, the scene is reminiscent of the legendary corridor fight scene from Daredevil Season 1. If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Daredevil, it’s impossible not to see the possibilities in a Sifu-like game like this one. Even Sifu’s method of building his way up to the ultimate boss is reminiscent of a Daredevil-style challenge. To begin, players might take on some low-level thugs, before eventually facing up against Echo, the game’s final boss. For example, the final boss may be Elektra, while some mercenaries and Bullseye could appear in the next stage. Final level might be like Sifu’s Tower stage, but with a variety of enemies to fight as players progress through Fisk Tower and eventually face Kingpin himself. It’s possible that players can gain an advantage in the game’s many battles by using Daredevil’s enhanced senses to sniff out secrets like hidden costumes or listen in on opponent discussions.Some gamers have previously demonstrated the similarities between Daredevil and Sifu by creating a Daredevil mod for the latter. The combat and level design of a future Daredevil game should be similar to Sifu’s even if Sloclap does not create the project. More games like Sifu, with its precise and gratifying melee combat, are desperately required, and Daredevil is the ideal person to carry that torch.

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