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People all across the world like playing video games, but it’s become quite evident that many in the business aren’t compensated fairly for their work. In an effort to combat crunch, low pay, and abuse, game creators have banded together. Activision Blizzard engaged a law firm known for its anti-union stance in response to charges made against the company by employees and attempts to organise video game workers. According to recently obtained documents from yet another law firm affiliated with the business, this one has a negative view of unionised workers.

 The North American Games Industry Now Has Its First Trade Union.

Jessica Gonzalez, a Senior Quality Engineer who previously worked at Activision Blizzard, is the source of the information. Law firm Reed Smith, which is defending Activision Blizzard before the National Labor Relations Board, presented a PowerPoint that has enraged members of the community on social media platforms all around the world. Employees are improperly referred to in this slide, which was purportedly created as part of a presentation describing how businesses can avoid having their workers form or join unions.

Some examples include “Rebel,” “Complainer,” and “Lazy,” among others.

Viewers captured screenshots and saved them after the slide was removed. Activision Blizzard employees and those outside the company who have been trying to form a union have not taken the publishing of this slide kindly. Some have accepted the assertions with a grain of salt, while others have taken them as a joke and poked fun at the out-of-date terminology on the list.


In the past, the community has been discouraged from joining or forming a union due to the lack of support. It’s no secret that emails and Slack messages written by members of Activision Blizzard have left employees feeling angry or agitated, and that these messages contain warnings of possible consequences of organising. Activision Blizzard’s video game designers, both inside and outside the company, have been trying to form a union in part because of the alleged mistreatment they’ve suffered. After being sued by a former employee, Activision Blizzard has been investigated by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing for possible interference with the inquiry. While the outcome of this scenario is still uncertain, it’s evident that it’s far from over. In the video game industry, there have been several charges and instances of abuse. Despite this, not every developer or publisher has treated their staff poorly. Workers and contractors in the games business who are simply seeking equal pay and treatment are likely to be enraged by these remarks.

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