Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have helped to fuel a 2,934% increase in the industry’s growth over the past year, making play-to-earn a reality. Adroverse promises to be one of the metaverse-based projects to keep an eye on as the market grows from US$47.69 billion to US$828.95 billion by 2028, and it’s a project to keep an eye on.

MetaFi, a decentralised crowd economy platform, serves as the lifeblood of the entire metaverse economy, according to its creators. It also features the first fully functional interactive NFT system that brings non-fungible tokens to life with significantly improved efficiency and a new level of usability.

Adroverse Takes The GameFi Metaverse

More than 10 planets will be available to explore, each with its own unique race and set of abilities to choose from as part of the project’s initial rollout. Metaverse GameFi companies like Adroverse are also working to push the limits of graphical fidelity.

The 3D turn-based care game system features a diverse cast of heroes, each with their own unique set of abilities that can be enhanced with various items and skills. Adroverse and its metaverse of heroes will appeal to gamers looking for a fun game with a lot of strategic depth.

The GameFi Metaverse and NFTs To The Next Level

Adroverse plans to invest heavily in the esports scene, with weekly, monthly, and annual tournaments planned. This will further motivate the community. Players can engage in friendly competition with their peers or compete in high-level tournaments for the chance to win valuable prizes. For the sake of the game and its future development, developers will be soliciting feedback throughout the project.

Adroverse is the next step in creating a future of the metaverse that can be experienced today by creating a space where users can feel safe and still maintain their potential to enjoy gaming while earning.

Adroverse Facts and Figures

People can have fun playing blockchain and NFT games, socialising, and earning cryptocurrency and NFT assets at the same time in Adroverse, a decentralised metaverse based on multi-chains (BSC, Solana, IPFS, and Chainlink). Decentralized games and apps can rest assured that the project will constantly evolve and develop, dynamically applying the most modern technological and economic management frameworks.

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