Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

It has been revealed that Bandai Namco plans to create a ‘IP Metaverse’ that will allow gamers to communicate with each other.

Tuesday, the publisher provided shareholders with information on its mid-term strategy (April 2022 to March 2025), explaining that the plan’s core goal is what it calls its “IP Axis Strategy.”.

Connecting with fans through its IP, increasing the value of its intellectual property and making projects available to a global audience are all part of this strategy. For example, the publisher says it will spend 15 billion ($130 million) creating a “IP Metaverse.”

Preview of Elden Ring’s VGC

To describe an online virtual world based on social connections, the Metaverse term is currently in use by tech companies. As a new framework for connecting with fans, Bandai Namco plans to create a “metaverse” for each IP.

A wide range of entertainment options will be available to customers in this IP Metaverse, and frameworks that combine physical products and venues with digital elements are expected to be in place in this IP Metaverse,” says Bandai Namco’s CEO.

Open frameworks that allow fans and business partners to connect are our goal. Using the IP Metaverse, Bandai Namco and its fans as well as the fans themselves will be able to form communities.


  • 3 metaverse applications are being planned for Xbox1 by Microsoft.
  • 3D metaverse applications are being planned for Xbox, according to Microsoft
  • The company explains how it sees the digital and physical worlds merging in the future.

These communities and content will help us build long-term, deep, multifaceted connections, and we’ll focus on the quality of those connections. ” Our long-term goal is to maximise the value of our intellectual property (IP).”

The 15 billion yen investment in the IP Metaverse is supposed to be used to build the “data foundation (data universe)” and create IP Metaverse content.

Bandai Namco’s three-year strategic plan concludes with a reminder that “realising the metaverse concept” is one of the company’s primary goals.

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