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For a sequel, Borderlands 3’s Circles of Slaughter should be made more replayable by allowing players to customise them.


Players of Borderlands 3 had access to a variety of additional content in addition to the main storey and side quests. While the Crew Challenges and Mayhem Mode were entertaining, replayable mission types were also available. It was fun to race against the clock in Proving Grounds, while Borderlands 2’s Circles of Slaughter returned. Despite the fact that Borderlands 3’s Circles of Slaughter are more popular than the Proving Grounds, this is largely because of how rich the Slaughter Shaft is in rewards. This mode isn’t bad, but it could use some improvement when Borderlands 4 comes out in the future. Custom arenas could be created for players, with the ability to design their own Circles of Slaughter.

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Custom Circles of Slaughter would be a great Borderlands game if it were possible. 4 New Borderlands 3 – Cistern of Slaughter. There are three Circles of Slaughter in Borderlands 3. There is the Slaughter Shaft, the Slaughterstar 3000, and the Cistern of Slaughter in which animals attack the Vault Hunters. But after playing the Cistern of Slaughter and Slaughterstar 3000 once, players are unlikely to return. Despite the fact that these two highly replayable missions have failed to engage players, they both demonstrate why a custom Circle of Slaughters would be an excellent addition. Each round in Slaughterstar 3000 is too long because Maliwan enemies get stuck and players have to find them, making the game even more frustrating. The presence of Rakk in the Cistern of Slaughter makes the rounds boring because players must wait for the flying monsters to land before they can be hit. In addition, the loot drops in this game pale in comparison to those found in Slaughter Shaft, a hectic and enjoyable experience. These issues would be immediately remedied if players were given the option to design their own arenas. Rather than dealing with the obnoxious Rakk, players would have access to an animal-filled arena like the Cistern of Slaughter. In the same way, a Maliwan arena that takes 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes could be created by picking a location that is better suited to the faction and its abilities.

At the beginning of the Circle of Slaughter:

Borderlands fans could choose how long the Circle of Slaughter lasts and what enemies they want to fight. Custom Circles of Slaughter could allow gamers to mix and match enemy types if they were added to Borderlands 4. Maliwan soldiers could fight alongside regular bandits, while Skags could fight alongside Guardians. This could open the door to some truly unique and unexpected battles, as players are never given the opportunity to face certain enemy combinations in the storey or through the franchise’s sidequest.

Gearbox could even add some tools that allow players to create and share their own arenas:

Fyrestone and the Welcome To Pandora sign could be recreated using a map editor, and players could fight enemies of their choice in their meticulously designed custom map. Players could make sure that their Circles of Slaughter never went on for too long by customising the number of rounds and enemies that spawn. The Circles of Slaughter gameplay loop for Borderlands has potential, so hopefully Gearbox will continue to improve upon it in future games.

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