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Even before the metaverse is fully developed, many brands are taking baby steps into it because they fear missing out on the next big technological revolution. Some of the most well-known brands now own digital assets in the metaverse, as shown in the following list

Corporate investment in virtual reality has skyrocketed since Facebook changed its name to Meta, a virtual world that allows people to interact with each other, shop and attend events through their virtual avatars. As a result of their fear of missing out on the next big tech revolution, many brands have already begun exploring the metaverse. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known brands in the metaverse that currently own digital assets: It’s a picture taken by Shutterstock.

RTFKT’s Virtual Sneakers and Collectibles Brand

When RTFKT’s virtual sneakers and collectibles brand was purchased by Nike in December 2021. In the metaverse, the brand hopes to use this acquisition to introduce next-generation collectibles and broaden its digital reach. Additionally, Nike has teamed up with Roblox to create its own virtual world, dubbed ‘Nikeland.’. Using Nikeland, gamers will be able to test out the latest running shoes and complete marathons without spending any money. Photograph by Shutterstock

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were introduced by Adidas, the German sportswear company and Nike competitor. The Sandbox, a popular metaverse platform, was also used by the company to establish a virtual showroom where its products could be displayed. It’s a picture taken by Shutterstock.


In July 2021, Coca-Cola introduced its own NFT line. The winning bid was for $575,000. Customers can expect the same lifelike, iconic, and positive experiences from Coca-Cola in the metaverse as they do in the real world. Friendship was the focus of the auction, which featured four multi-sensory NFTs from the company. An actual fridge stocked with cola bottles and other gifts was given to the winner of the auction, in addition to four NFTs.


Yes, even the high-fashion house of Gucci is interested in the metaverse. With Roblox, Gucci is selling rare Gucci items. In May of 2021, the fashion company launched an exhibition on Roblox that lasted two weeks. In addition to learning more about the brand’s vision, aesthetics, and philosophy, those who attended the exhibition were able to purchase limited-edition items like digital Gucci bags and apparel.

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