Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Because of this, we can’t buy Discreet Music NFTs with your Ethereum. While speaking with renowned tech critic Evgeny Morozov for Crypto Syllabus, Eno revealed himself as a sceptic of cryptocurrency, specifically NFTs, in the interview.

According to Eno, “NFTs are merely a little piece of the action from global capitalism, our own adorable little kind of financialization,” Morozov quoted him saying. “How delightful — now artists can also become little capitalist bastards.”


Blockchain-based NFTs allow you to buy and sell the ownership of unique digital goods, and you can keep track of who owns them. “Non-fungible token” is an acronym for “non-redeemable token,” and it may be used to store anything digital, from animated GIFs to music and video game goods. It’s possible for an NFT to be one of one, like a genuine painting, or one of many, like a deck of cards, but the blockchain records who owns each file

Nyan Cat and “deal with it” sunglasses are among the high-profile NFTs that have recently sold for millions of dollars at auction. Many people are concerned about NFTs’ high electricity consumption and environmental impact. In the event that you still have questions, we’ve put together a FAQ for you.

As a pioneer of ambient music and a prolific producer, Brian Eno seems like a natural fit for the New Formalistic Tradition. He’s spent decades creating art with a focus on technology and its societal ramifications, sometimes in the form of software or a limited-edition product release.. It was Eno, who pioneered the same basic procedure that produced those endlessly minutely variable monkey photos for the Bored Ape crew, who was a very early supporter of algorithmically generated art. This generative iPad software could be turned into a 10,000-number NFT string allowing him to easily make a few million pounds.

Brian Eno Not Fan Of NFT

NFT would be worthless as an artistic step and craven as a financial calculation as he explains it in the interview, however.
According to Eno, “I am not sure what is being brought into the world that matters other than some strings of numbers floating about in some bank accounts.” Because so many people I like and trust think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, I wish I could have a more positive outlook, but for the time being, all I see are con artists on the prowl for fools.

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