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Activision has affirmed that another Warzone experience is coming, and new breaks recommend that it will include a guide set in the desert.

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Activision is pushing hard on the Call of Duty permit this year, with not one but rather two new games on the way in 2022. The first is the spin-off of the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot, probably called Modern Warfare 2, and the other will be Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Honorable obligation:

Warzone 2 will obviously be the immediate spin-off of the series’ famous and allowed to-play fight royale multiplayer game. It’s an independent item thus apparently will be Warzone 2, in spite of the fact that similarly as with the past delivery, it’s being worked as a sidekick. It will highlight another game motor as well as a “sandbox mode” that will apparently permit some customization of matches.

Honorable obligation Leaker Claims 11 Studios Are Working On Modern Warfare 2

Another thing gamers truly do be familiar with the impending title is that Warzone 2 will skip PS4 and Xbox One totally. While this might be disturbing information for gamers who haven’t had the option to obtain a cutting edge framework presently, it’s uplifting news for the people who need to see a game that utilizes the most recent tech. By removing the old control center the studio can work at idealizing an encounter that is quicker and bigger than at any other time, and give their Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles a decent exercise. A few bits of hearsay with regards to the game have showed up, as well, including a few new breaks about its guide. Obligation at hand leaker TheGhostofHope composed on Twitter that in view of what they’ve seen, they feel that the guide in Warzone 2 will happen in the Atacama Desert, which would mean it’s set in South America. With the guide reputed to highlight ares from the first Modern Warfare 2, and the 2009 game having notorious guides set in deserts called Rust’ and ‘Afghan’, this appears to be conceivable. It’s hypothesis on the leaker’s part, however it was likewise rehashed by Hydra9114, another notable leaker who recently uncovered the Snoop Dogg skin for Call of Duty: Vanguard. With a couple of sources revealing exactly the same thing, it could absolutely end up being valid, however fans should in any case think about it while taking other factors into consideration for the present.

There’s no realize delivery date for either forthcoming Call of Duty game:

however certain individuals are guaranteeing that Warzone 2 will emerge close by Modern Warfare 2. It’s additionally reputed to hit 120 FPS on the very first moment, which would be a remarkable accomplishment. Up to that point, refreshes and new seasons will keep on coming to the first Call of Duty: Warzone.

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