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In front of Leon from Resident Evil,

Fiona from Haunting Ground, and Regina from Dino Crisis, the Capcom logo is displayed.
The Capcom Fighting Collection is a brand-new game that brings together some of Capcom’s most popular fighting franchises. Also included in this compilation are classics like Hyper Street Fighter 2 and charming spin-offs like Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. Capcom’s rich history of fighting games is celebrated in this exciting new anthology. It’s possible that Capcom might be just as successful with a comparable collection of horror titles. While Megaman is Capcom’s most popular platformer and Monster Hunter is Capcom’s most popular RPG, Capcom has released numerous critically acclaimed horror titles. However, revisiting earlier titles may resurrect fan enthusiasm and lead to the creation of new remakes. Whatever the case, Capcom’s anniversary collections can benefit from a fresh survival horror focus.

It’s been a long time coming, but Street Fighter 6 is finally here!

Capcom’s “Horror Games” series
Resident Evil’s Chris and Jill
In terms of Capcom’s most popular horror series, Resident Evil is hands down the best. In 1996, Capcom released Sweet Home, an adaptation of a Japanese horror film, on the PlayStation, which was the first game in the series. Even if Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 were remade for the GameCube in 2002 and 2019, the originals should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. To maintain the integrity of the original design, even if quality-of-life changes (such as faster loading times and additional save points) are introduced, the fixed camera angles should be preserved.

Similarly, Capcom’s horror success can be seen in the Dead Rising games.

which deserve a place in any collection. The Dino Crisis games, on the other hand, are begging to be re-released. Dino Crisis, while not as well-known as its zombie-themed siblings, had its own share of success and a cult following. Shinji Mikami, the director of Dino Crisis, wanted the game to be “panic horror” and have more frantic chases, rather than “Resident Evil with dinosaurs.” Dino Crisis is in desperate need of a re-release because its latest port was released in 2000.

To recapture its relevance, Dead Rising must do the following:

Keeping Capcom’s games alive
Behind Fiona, Daniella skulked quietly.
Apart from its well-known series, Capcom has released a number of different one-off horror games. The aforementioned Sweet Home Famicom adaptation was one among the first. As if that weren’t enough, the game has never been re-released on any other platform. Haunting Grounds and Clock Tower 3 were both exclusive to the PlayStation 2, as was Clock Tower 3. Sony’s PlayStation preservation efforts mean that official releases of these titles will become increasingly rare over time. Re-releasing them as a collection makes them more accessible to both new and long-time fans alike. Capcom is one of the more aggressive game companies when it comes to preserving its past. There have been numerous re-releases and compilations of classic video games like Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Devil May Cry. A lot of players would never have had the opportunity to play such games if Capcom had not released them on newer consoles, and Capcom’s horror titles deserve the same consideration. Some of today’s most popular gaming mechanics can be traced back to games that were released decades ago. Five Nights at Freddy’s, Dead Space, and P.T. may never have existed if it weren’t for Resident Evil.

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