Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

China has begun rejecting trademark applications relating to the metaverse, as the government is concerned about trademark infringement. Many companies began filing for trademarks last year, and the sudden influx of applications suggests that a deliberate strategy was employed to deal with the flood of applications while also preventing trademark infringement and consumer confusion.

National Intellectual Property Administration has rejected multiple trademark applications containing the word yuan yuzhou—translated as metaverse in Mandarin—according to Tianyancha, a business and trademark tracking firm.

According to a leading Chinese newspaper, NetEase, iQiyi, and Xiaohongshu, three companies that applied for registration but were denied, were among those that were denied.

China Reportedly Rejects Metaverse

Qichacha, a Chinese business registration tracking platform, reports that the regulator has not yet reviewed applications submitted by Alibaba Group Holdings, Tencent Holdings and ByteDance.

After the original application was denied, a second review could take six or eight months. According to Tianyancha, 153 rejected applications are currently awaiting a second review.

Metaverse trademark applications have recently been filed by approximately 1,510 mainland Chinese companies mostly in the technology sector. The metaverse is an internet-based concept for a shared virtual environment.

Through its Singapore subsidiary, Alibaba has applied for 31 metaverse trademarks related to its corporate name and business units such as AliCloud, Taobao and DingTalk since September.

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