Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Rolling Stone Live, the magazine’s annual concert series, will be returning, according to the American publication. NFT collectibles produced by 12 popular digital artists in the blockchain sector will be unveiled at this event as well, once it has taken place.

Among the NFT industry’s most influential artists are these musicians. Mister Goldie and Mister Swopes are just a few of the well-known names on the list.

The NFT Collection from Coinbase and Rolling Stone

New collaborations between and the publishing company are expected to follow, according to’s newest report.

Offering an Animated NFT Collection in conjunction with Rolling Stone Magazine’s partnership with Coinbase


On November 9, 2021, in London, England, a reversed version of the Coinbase logo appears on a mobile phone screen. A quarterly report from the cryptocurrency exchange platform will be released today.

For more information on Chainers, the most ambitious NFT metaverse project in 2022, please see:

This is only the beginning of a long-term engagement between Rolling Stone and Coinbase. The magazine, on the other hand, went into detail on why their new NFT line will excite crypto enthusiasts. An “amazing opportunity” for fans to acquire a piece of history made by some of the crypto space’s most prominent digital artists, Rolling Stone stated.
Rolling Stone Live’s comeback was made possible in part by partnerships with Coinbase as well as Vividseats, Doordash, and MCM.

What Is So Popular About NFTs?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is now the new visual art form, according to a recent report from The Verge. Painters and other creative workers can now profit from the sale of their art through the use of this new crypto invention.

However, they still need to convert their work to digital format. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can fluctuate in value based on demand, unlike cryptocurrencies. It is because of this mechanism that NFTs are becoming increasingly popular among the blockchain community. For additional information on the reasons why NFTs are so popular, click here.

In other gaming news, GameStop is looking to enter the NFT business. Nike, on the other hand, has launched a lawsuit against StockX for selling some of its NFTs without permission. Keep an eye on TechTimes for more information about NFTs and other related crypto subjects.

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