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Become a better chef and learn how to cook a wide range of international cuisines. Get Cooking Frenzy APK now and prove that you’re the best chef on the block by downloading it now. Complete cooking challenges to fill in the gaps in the food album, then click away until the entire menu is served.


Fun and addictive, this is a fun and addictive clicker game. To succeed, you’ll have to accept cooking challenges in a variety of restaurants and demonstrate your ability to cook a wide variety of dishes from around the world!

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Learn how to cook a wide variety of cuisines in this fantastic restaurant adventure. This cooking frenzy is about to get lit, so bring your cooking mindset and your finger ready to tap, tap, tap!

Learn to cook a variety of different cuisines from around the world

A photo album of the world’s best foods once existed. This album’s pieces are now scattered around for you to find. For the sake of the album’s continued enjoyment, you’ve accepted the challenge to track down every one of the tracks hidden in a restaurant’s kitchen.

The only way to obtain them is to take on cooking challenges in various establishments. You’ll be cooking everything from eggs on toast to ramen to chilli, and everything in-between in this epic kitchen adventure.


Make sure you don’t overcook the meal by taking it out of the oven at the right time and adding the right ingredients. Despite the fact that it appears simple, preparing a large number of different meals poses a unique set of challenges. Just like in a real kitchen, proper organisation is essential here!

After a long day at work, or if you haven’t had lunch yet, this game is for you! It’s also a great game for kids to play to learn about different food cultures because of the game’s friendly graphics and innocent content. The next time dinner comes around, they might be asking for Japanese food instead of chicken nuggets.

You’ll have the opportunity to work as a chef in a wide range of establishments and put your skills to the test in each one. You can become famous as a chef and let the world know that you are the next great chef.


Work your way up the ranks of each restaurant you work in, gaining valuable experience and cash rewards along the way. Seeing your hard work pay off in the form of happy customers who return for more is a great way to enjoy your work as a chef.

Cooking Frenzy APK gameplay advice

Before you start playing, take a look at our top tips to ensure that you get off to a good start.

Cooking success is more about being organised than it is having a thorough knowledge of the ingredients. Professional chefs know that keeping their work surfaces clean and tidy and putting everything back in its proper place is the most important part of their job. This helps speed up the process and prevents the kitchen from becoming a chaotic mess. Avoid causing food to go up in flames by preventing any unnecessary commotion from taking place!

The game begins slowly so that you can get a feel for it. Just keep your cool and everything will be fine. Even in a real kitchen, this is exactly how it should be done. Anxiety is counterproductive and can lead to memory loss. Don’t be alarmed.

Unlimited gold and gems in Cooking Frenzy Mod APK

The game is easier to play if you have unlimited money available. It is possible to play the game without having to worry about whether or not you are making enough money (literally, in some cases).

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