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Some of the most interesting NFT artwork I’ve come across recently has been floating around my Twitter feeds. It was Defaced, whose colourful, geometric drawings usually transport me to an alternate universe and draw me in with characters I cannot not but care for.

Many digital artists get their start in graphic design by designing branding packages for Call of Duty streamers and eventually landing a job at a tiny computer business right out of high school. So, when he came to the realisation that he needed to do something about his time spent in front of a computer, he did. After a brief return to school, he delved into the freelance design sector. One year later he was working with companies like Apple and Namco, proving that his bet paid off. After gaining his freedom, he was able to get a head start on the NFT market, which eventually provided him with the capital he needed to fund his next major endeavour.

During our conversation, he shared his opinions on NFTs, how he developed his style, and what inspires him to create.

How did you come up with this persona? Do you understand what it means to you?

The name of the project as a whole is Starmaker. While working on a piece in Cinema4D, I came up with the concept for Starman. Originally intended to be a silhouette, the character has since become a reoccurring motif in much of my work.

As I produced more art, I noticed that I was turning more and more to Starman as a mirror for my own reflection. Jim Henson and Shigeru Miyamoto were major influences on the design of this character. For now, the symbolism of Starman is designed to represent the dichotomy between childhood, creativity, and apprehension about what lies ahead.

In your own words, how would you describe the nature of your relationship with your own work? One of the more experimental queries I’m testing out is this one.

As a result of my daily art practise, I believe the most important one is love/hate. “I’m going to take the day off,” you think on occasion. So a few days ago, after spending the day with my friends, I decided to spend an hour or so making something. There are only two outcomes: you either have the best hour of your life, where everything comes together flawlessly, or you are hitting your head against a wall and it is shit, everything looks shit, I’m a lousy designer, I can’t put anything together.

This is a type of semi-flow stage where everything comes together and my style is greatly influenced by shapes. It’s almost like putting together a Lego set in terms of how it all works. When everything goes bang bang bang like you expect it to, it’s an exhilarating sensation. It’s hard for me to come up with an idea when I’ve spent two hours looking at references and can’t come up with anything.

How long ago did you begin this daily ritual, and how well has it gone?

For the past few months, I’ve maintained a high level of consistency. It’s been a year of trying to be as consistent as possible and holding myself accountable, and I remember trying to get fucking Wi-Fi last year when I was returning from France.

If you keep going every day, you’ll get better at it. “I don’t really know what to fucking do, I can’t fix this toilet today” is not an acceptable excuse in the workplace. Like, you have to fucking do it, you have to make something, or do something. There will always be someone who thinks, “Oh that’s fucking awesome,” even if your creation is garbage.

Defaced On Finding His Way

Your best work is done when you’re having a good time.
In my opinion, it is when you are in a state of flow where everything comes together and it appears to be effortless that you have achieved this level of success. That’s the most enjoyable part. Then, at the conclusion, I truly enjoy seeing the reactions of others. You have to spend so much time on your own in order to be an artist, and it’s all about you. As a result, it’s gratifying when others can appreciate it as well.

In your downtime, what is your favourite way to unwind and recharge your batteries? Alternatively, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

I enjoy playing Xbox and other games, but the majority of my time is spent hanging out with friends or my girlfriend and having a dinner. Because there are no screens, you’re just talking to each other and exchanging ideas.

By Adam

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