Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

A videogame thief has been on a spree targeting people who are selling PlayStation 5 and other items through social media, the NYPD announced Saturday.

Cops are seeking the man and two others in connection to at least six thefts over the last month that involve someone using an online marketplace to schedule a meetup to buy something – only to rob the would-be sellers when they show up at a chosen location.

The NYPD released stills of the main suspect in the spree, who apparently has an Air Jordan tattoo on his neck. The suspect has been seen arriving or leaving the locations in a dark blue Honda Accord, according to police.

The thief struck twice on March 3, first stealing at gunpoint a $1,050 graphics card from a 29-year-old man in the Bronx, cops said. Hours later, one thief flashed a gun while a second man snagged a PlayStation from a 40-year-old victim in Queens.

Simulated firearms were used in thefts of PS5s on April 3 in Harlem and on April 8 in the Bronx. Another incident in the Bronx on April 10 had an armed robber take $6,000 worth of jewelry from a 39-year old victim in a car, cops said.

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