Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

There was an outcry in social media after an image of a Discord poll enquiring about members’ views on NFTs went viral, and some worried if Discord will join the NFT fraud race / gold rush.

The image is from a survey that was sent out in August of this year, but has since been withdrawn. As part of the poll, participants are asked open-ended questions about their favourite crypto Discord communities and what crypto-related issues they think Discord may potentially help solve. In the words of a Discord representative, the poll was only meant to gather information about Discord users who are active in bitcoin communities.

Discord Fans are Worried NFTs

A Discord representative told The Verge, “We’re continually researching and hacking away at things that we think will improve Discord for all the groups we serve.” Research that helps us understand what people desire is part of this effort.”

In other words, there will be no wumpus-themed NFTs in the foreseeable future. Some users were angry enough to upload screenshots of their cancelled Nitro subscriptions when they heard that Discord was considering entering the foetid waters of the NFT.

If Discord isn’t already building its own NFT, there is a good chance it is considering or at least considering other blockchain-related projects. An image of what appears to be a Discord/crypto wallet integration was tweeted by Discord CEO Jason Citron in response to a Substack blog post addressing the potential of Discord as NFT / Web3 powerhouse.

NFT Fraud Race Gold Rush

However, Discord isn’t the first game or gaming-related company to join in the byzantine blockchain, so this image isn’t necessarily indicative of an upcoming product. Every day it seems like a new prominent gaming firm — such as EA, Ubisoft, and Square Enix — announces its participation in or teases its curiosity about blockchain technology.

It’s okay if your finger was hanging over the “cancel Nitro” button based on the belief that a Discord NFT / blockchain connection was in the works. Cryto-based products were not mentioned by Discord when asked if they would be available in the future.

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