Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Earlier this month, Disney filed a patent that could indicate that the company plans to create a Theme Park Metaverse. CEO Bob Chapek expressed excitement about the metaverse concept today following Disney’s Q1 Earnings Call. He retorted, ”

To me, it’s another dimension to the canvas we allow our creative people to paint. ‘ Also, we have something no one else does: a physical world made up of our theme parks. We’re going to take everything that Disney+ has to offer, and use it as the foundation for the metaverse. When it comes down to it, who better than Disney can create a “metaverse” that combines the physical and digital worlds?

The Tiki Room of Enchantment

Adding digital, data, and interactive elements to Disney’s storytelling is the goal of this project. For example, guests can already use the Play Disney Parks App to engage with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there are Stormtroopers

Wearables, like the upcoming MagicBand+, will play an important role in the Disney Parks experience, but guests will still be able to use their smartphones to interact with the parks.

Theme Park Metaverse

In a “Theme Park Metaverse,” guests will be able to interact with the parks in new and exciting ways. To give visitors a truly unique experience in the parks, and eventually at home, it’s likely that future attractions will incorporate more of this technology. If you don’t want to miss out on any Disney news, be sure to check back often with us.

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