Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

CEO Bob Chapek wrote a note to the company’s employees announcing the appointment of a new metaverse executive (via Reuters and CNBC). Next-generation storytelling and consumer experiences will be overseen by Mike White, SVP of consumer experiences and platforms previously.

According to Chapek’s memo, which Disney provided to The Verge, “For nearly 100 years, our company has defined and redefined entertainment by embracing technology to bring tales to life in deeper, more meaningful ways.”

A new paradigm for how people encounter and participate with our stories may be created today, he said. Metaverse: “I feel it’s a place where we can pursue our strategic pillars of Storytelling Excellence, Innovation, and Audience Focus in the best possible way.”

Leader for its Metaverse Strategy

It is no secret that Disney is interested in the Metaverse, as evidenced by a previous statement.

Both in the company’s November earnings call and again this week, Chapek hinted to Disney’s aspirations to get engaged in the metaverse. However, Disney’s plans have been opaque. Given the sheer number of its properties and the company’s willingness to bring them to life in both the physical and digital worlds, it isn’t hard to see why Disney is experimenting with some type of metaverse play.

It will be our creative teams that will define our metaverse presence, but Mike’s role will be to lay out the overall vision and strategy for the customer journey through these new storey worlds, according to the memo. For this, Mike will swiftly put together a structure and processes to prioritise and distribute resources, investigate cooperation opportunities, and encourage the exchange of knowledge. Additionally, Mike will oversee a taskforce that includes top leaders from various disciplines across the organisation, including strategy and narrative,” he says.

The Disney exec White has worked with since 2011 is listed on LinkedIn. He has also worked for Yahoo for more than nine years.

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