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A big issue these days is Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, which are being used in a variety of digital mediums, from apps and games to dinosaur relics. It’s causing a stir, but what is it, and is it even possible to create one with an app? “Draw Your NFT” caught our eye and we’d like to share it with you today. That being said, let’s get the ball rolling.

NFTs are a term used to describe a type of Semiconductor Device

Non-tradable digital content that is part of a blockchain that also serves as a digital certificate of authenticity are known as NFTs. Just like a certificate is granted for valuable antiques, a creator can put their name on their work and sell it for a price using these digital tokens.

NFTs can hold virtually any type of digital data, including videos and articles, and they are recognised by the industry as one-of-a-kind files. For the first time, it’s feasible to claim ownership of digital files. Despite the fact that these items aren’t physical, they can be purchased, collected, sold, and destroyed. Thanks to the blockchain, they have a transparent history of transactions and pricing that anybody with an internet connection can access.

Invention of NFT

The NFT artwork will need to be “minted” in order for a digital object to be “certified.” In order to build a lasting link between your content and a token on the blockchain, you must first mint it. A commission (usually 10% to 30%) is included in every new NFT that an artist creates, and they receive it whenever that work is resold.

NFTs are on the increase because they provide a way for digital content creators to establish ownership and protect their intellectual property. It also gives individuals the opportunity to sell or rent their artwork.

In other words, we have a great deal of digital art that can be marketed as NFT art. The question is, do we “own” the digital objects we create? Nothing else can claim digital ownership of something you’ve created. This isn’t necessarily the case, though, if digital ownership is more like physical possession (the ability to own and transfer ownership indefinitely), nevertheless. These assets can only be transferred in specified circumstances, making it difficult to move them around. Selling a Fortnite skin on eBay will reveal just how difficult it is to move digital assets.

Aside from that, the cost of minting NFTs, which can reach $1,000, is not cheap. In addition, the procedure itself is not sustainable. You may imagine that digital work means less usage of resources, but in reality, a lot of energy is being spent on NFTs. It’s understandable that some people aren’t pleased with it.

Developing a Customized Solution

Hopefully, this explains why so many individuals are jumping on the NFT bandwagon and creating their own digital material. Viraj Chhajed, co-founder of Basch.io, has designed a platform called Draw Your NFT that lets you do just that.
It’s as simple as drawing on the canvas and pressing “Mint Your NFT” after you’re done. Even though this is a simple tool, don’t expect to be able to create masterpieces using it because you can’t adjust the colour of the brush or the brush’s size.

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