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Deciphering Dr. Katsumi’s safe code in Dying Light 2 isn’t always straightforward. Here’s how players can accomplish it.


More side quests will become available to players as they progress through Dying Light 2. In addition to the main plot, there are numerous non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with when Aiden turns on a Windmill in this sprawling Techland game. While some of these side quests are simple to complete, others are downright perplexing in their intricacies.

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The First Biomarker, a sidequest in which Aiden breaks into a safe to retrieve a piece of medical technology for a gruff survivor named McGregor, is a good example of this. This safe’s location and the code’s decipherability can be a challenge for some people. How to get to Dr. Katsumi’s office and get the old biomarker is explained here.

Starting the First Biomarker Sidequest after finding McGregor.

To get to Dr. Katsumi’s safe and get the first biomarker, players must first locate McGregor and begin the appropriate sidequest. To get the code for the safe, players must decipher a note left by the NPC, so progressing the main storey until McGregor appears is the first step.

After completing the third main storey mission:

in which the player infiltrates a Metro on Hakon’s behalf, this sidequest will be available. To reach a rooftop near the intersection of the Trinity and Houndfield zones in the northern part of the map, players must complete the previous mission. They’ll find McGregor there, guarding a room with a Trader inside. Players will be thrown into The First Biomarker sidequest if they speak with him and select the yellow response. When Aiden arrives at the Saint Joseph Hospital, McGregor will give him a note from Dr. Katsumi regarding a safe code and direct him there.

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As part of the game’s opening tutorial, the Saint Joseph Hospital is shown on the player’s map. In order to access a small rooftop, players must run up a small ramp and jump to a piece of exposed wall on the building’s other side.

Hospital Safe 2 in Dying Light:

To get to the roof, they’ll need to climb up the ladder, which they can do from there. Getting into Dr. Katsumi’s office is as simple as scaling the nearby yellow fins and re-jumping into the open window across the way. To open the safe, players must first crack the code that’s hidden inside.

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Cracking The Safe Code From Dr. Katsumi’s Notes
Select the Collectibles tab at the top of the inventory menu to see Dr. Katsumi’s handwritten note. A note that players received from McGregor at the start of the mission can be found somewhere within. Solving each of the three riddles on the note yields a unique three-digit safe combination number. The following is a list of the three puzzles and their solutions:

“What shrinks when you flip it over?

“To make an odd number even, simply remove one of the letters.” – 7 (The number Seven is odd and when the S is removed from its name it turns into Even)
“Buys one dozen eggs at the store for her little sister. All but three of her eggs break as she heads home. One can only imagine how many eggs are still unbroken.” ; ; (The riddle states that all but three eggs have broken meaning only three eggs are left).

  • The only thing players need to do to open the safe is dial the number 973.
  • It is possible to return to McGregor and complete the sidequest, which rewards them with a single Inhibitor for their efforts.

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