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To speed up explorations, players in Dying Light 2 can smash their way through doors.

Dying Light 2’s tips and tricks will come in handy as players navigate the ruins of Villedor while avoiding the undead and hostile factions. In addition to other abilities and gear that support the game’s emphasis on movement, the parkour-centric traversal system makes it easy to discover these small tricks. In order to help other players save time while exploring Villedor, one player has shared a trick that, when used correctly, allows players to keep moving forward. Developer Techland returns to Villedor in Europe for a sequel to 2015’s Dying Light that picks up roughly 20 years after those events. It is up to the player to help Aiden Caldwell, the last human survivor in the city, make his way through the zombie-infested streets. As Caldwell, the game’s parkour protagonist, traverses the city, players must negotiate the various survivor factions vying for control inside Villedor.

The Dying Light 2 Authority Pack DLC is now available for free download.

Reddit user Longjumping-Owl-2684 has shared a trick to help players get around the city in Dying Light 2. It is Owl’s recommendation that instead of stopping to unlock doors, players can simply ram their way in. Using the game’s bash skill while running up to a door should make it easier for players to get in. Reddit user WarSniff warned that if the door they bash through is a quest door, players can get trapped inside a room. Owl’s trick will become one of the many things players will rely on while traversing Villedor for long periods of time in Dying Light 2. Even though this trick will aid in general exploration, new tricks and tips continue to be discovered as players progress through the game. Parallel monkey bars can be used to maximise Parkour XP by jumping on and off the bars one at a time.

  • In addition to Parkour XP, brave players can also farm during Nightfall for additional XP in the other skill trees, such as combat, due to the increased difficulty.

As the game progresses, players will discover more and more sleights of hand. With only a few weeks since its release, many players are still finding their feet in Villedor’s post-apocalyptic landscape. Dying Light 2’s systems, on the other hand, encourage player ingenuity, so players should keep an eye on YouTube and other social media for new tricks.

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