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  • Passing on Light 2 is pressed loaded with privileged insights and Easter eggs, and the mix for the VNC tower safe is one of the most secretive.

Biting the dust Light 2 VNC Tower Safe

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  • Observing the VNC Tower Safe in Dying Light 2
  • Settling the VNC Tower Safe in Dying Light

Kicking the bucket Light 2, the primary individual zombie activity RPG from Techland, sent off on February 4, 2022. The game is set 22 years after its ancestor, 2015’s Dying Light, and elements another hero and European city setting. Very much like the first, Dying Light 2 offers a tremendous open-world loaded with insider facts and Easter eggs for players to find.

Perhaps the trickiest mystery in Dying Light 2 is the VNC Tower safe code.

  • Observing the protected in any case is somewhat of a test, and will require some Parkour abilities. Be that as it may, even players who observe it will likewise have to settle an enigmatic hint to really get the protected open.

Observing the VNC Tower Safe in Dying Light 2
Kicking the bucket Light 2 VNC Tower Safe Code

Before players can observe the VNC Tower Safe, first they’ll have to open the Tower in Garrison Territory by finishing the Broadcast story mission. This will make the foundation of the pinnacle a Safe Zone, and permit players to enter the lift there. Ride the lift the whole way to the rooftop, and afterward head over to a sun powered charger that is standing out westward. Remaining on the sun powered charger, players will actually want to peer down and see an open loft window a couple of stories beneath.

Bouncing down to this window is handily finished with the catching snare:

yet might be conceivable without. Inside the condo, players will track down a protected along the north divider, and a work area in the southeast corner. On the work area is the sign for the protected, an enigmatic note that peruses “On the off chance that U 555, I’M…”. Players who need to decipher the Dying Light 2 safe code themselves should stop here, as the arrangement will be in the following segment.

Settling the VNC Tower Safe in Dying Light kicking the bucket light 2 midtown criminal camp:

Large numbers of the Easter eggs in Dying Light 2 depend on references to different properties, and the VNC Tower safe code is no exemption. The note is quite of the chorale in The Heretic Anthem, a melody from Slipknot’s 2001 collection Iowa. This is the way it goes:

  • “In the event that you’re five-five-five, I’m six-six-six,
  • Assuming you’re five-five-five, I’m six-six-six,
  • Be that as it may, assuming you’re five-five-five, I’m six-six-six

What’s it like to be a blasphemer?

It’s genuinely simple to figure the protected code from perusing the verses, and entering 666 will for sure open the VNC Tower safe. Players expecting one of Dying Light 2’s strong weapons will be frustrated, in any case, as the safe just holds back a dark elastic duck, with sparkling red eyes and a formal hat. Luckily, this is just essential for a bigger riddle, and players who gather an adequate number of ducks will actually want to lead a custom in the cellar of the VNC Tower to open an interesting test.

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