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Machine Strike in the Forbidden West of Horizon:

A year after it was first announced, Horizon Forbidden West has finally been released for Sony’s PS5 and PS4 systems. The sequel to Guerrilla Games’ action-RPG succeeds in every way. Among other things, it enhances and expands on the Horizon concept that fans have come to adore. Machine Strike, a board game that Aloy can play as a side-activity like Gwent in The Witcher 3, is possibly the best example of this. While the majority of Horizon Forbidden West’s storey revolves around Aloy’s quest to bring GAIA back to life, gamers shouldn’t dismiss the game’s strategy elements. Players can engage in stressful rounds with selected NPCs in what seems like a post-apocalyptic version of Chess. Wooden board pieces modelled on the Forbidden West machinery are required to defeat each opponent. It’s essential to learn how to use each of the six types of machines in the game because they all move and attack differently.

pieces of melee combat dawn of the clawstrider horizon zero:

Guerrilla Games made the first set of machines that players encounter simple to utilise in order to provide a simple introduction to the principles of Machine Strike. Most of these compositions, which have been dubbed the Melee Type, are inspired by the machines that Aloy encounters when exploring Horizon Forbidden West. Burrowers, Scroungers and Clawstriders are examples of machines in this category. Players simply have to remember that when Melee Types strike, they always prioritise targeting the closest piece in their Attack Range, acting as the game’s version of a pawn.

Shots fired by a Gunner.

The Gunner Type is the second group of components in Machine Strike. These wooden pieces, as the name suggests, are ranged combatants, which sets them different from the rest of them. Prior to doing damage, Gunner Types must be at least their maximum Attack Range from an opponent piece. The Scrapper and Longleg are among the several machines in this category, which means that players have lots of room to experiment.

bristleback ram-strike components

It is common for Aloy to face off against robots that charge her directly across Horizon Forbidden West. Because of this, it isn’t a big surprise that there are several similar Ram Type works. The Bristleback, Ravager, Grazer, and the Plowhorn, inspired by a triceratops, can all be found in this category. As with Melee weapons, each Ram Type weapon attacks the first adversary inside its Attack Range, never switching targets. Rather than simply destroying the adversary, they also drive it one space back before moving on to the Terrain tile it previously occupied, which gives them an edge over the competition.

Pieces with a dash
In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy rides a Charger.

One of the most difficult classes to learn in Horizon Forbidden West’s board game side-activity is the Dash Type. Dash’s uniqueness lies not just in the fact that there are only five machines in the group, but also in the sheer number of oddities that players must be aware of. If the tile on the other end of the Attack Range is occupied by a Dash-class machine, it will always move to the end of its Attack Range. It doesn’t matter if they’re a friend or adversary; every object they come into contact with is harmed and rotated 180 degrees in the process.

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