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Following Sony’s new procurement of Bungie, the Japanese goliath presently flaunts 19 first-party advancement studios, every one of which has a solid history for conveying excellent games and ports. Considering this, what’s to come is looking brilliant for both the PlayStation 5 and those who’ve had the option to get their hands on one so far.

Each Video Game Release Coming Soon For PS5 And PS4.

While it tends to be not difficult to monitor what a portion of Sony’s bigger studios are dealing with however, the internal activities of others are not all that widely acclaimed. Those expecting to discover what all of Sony’s first-party studios are dealing with will consequently have to do a little burrowing. Indeed, either that, or look at the cautiously organized gathering of information and bits of hearsay down underneath.

Twist Studio
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Twist Studio spent a decent lump of the most recent couple of many years working only on PSP and PS Vita titles, however got back to home control center obligations a couple of years prior with the well known endurance game, Day’s Gone. Unfortunately, the studio’s next enormous task won’t be a Day’s Gone spin-off in spite of an appeal for one earning more than 150,000 underwriters. All things considered, reports recommend that Bend Studio is chipping away at an open-world Men in Black game.

Bluepoint Games

Preceding getting gobbled up by Sony in late 2021, Bluepoint Games had made truly a name for itself as probably the best studio for HD remasters and revamps around. Since the procurement, in any case, there has been no authority news in regards to Bluepoint Games’ next project.


Bungie is the furthest down the line studio to join the Sony family, with insight about the procurement breaking in mid 2022. For the short term, nonetheless, Bungie will keep chipping away at Destiny 2, with the Lightfall development actually scheduled for discharge eventually later in the year. From that point onward, it’s impossible to say, however some have recommended that the Bungie group could be entrusted with fostering another live-administration game; with Sony purportedly wanting to deliver ten such titles among now and 2026.

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