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Characters from Hero Dice.

It’s safe to say that the Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo series as well as Tango Gameworks’ other titles are well-known among gamers. As a result, gamers may have a notion of what to expect from Shinji Mikami’s studio. A chibi-inspired art style isn’t likely to come to mind when you think of this type of game. The Evil Within’s developer, on the other hand, is already hard at work on just such a project. The trailer for Tango Gameworks’ latest mobile game Hero Dice was unveiled on February 14. In Japan, Android and iOS gamers can sign up for a release window in spring by registering now on Android and iOS platforms. Whether or whether Tango will produce an English version of the game is still a mystery. It’s important to note that much of the following information is based on a translation of the game’s official site.

Players in Tokyo can now earn rewards by feeding the game’s dogs, according to Ghostwire.

A Japanese board game known as sugoroku, or “double six,” is the inspiration for Hero Dice, an action card game for Android and iOS devices. E-Sugoroku, or “image sugoroku,” is a simplified and more popular version of the game that resembles Snakes and Ladders in the West. It’s not just a virtual reproduction of the popular board game Hero Dice, however. The Heroes in Hero Dice are chosen by the players from a variety of characters who move across a grid-like board. Two heroes can help each other if they happen to land on a space where they’re both in combat with the same type of monster. In battle, Heroes might benefit from or be hindered by the affects of distinct places. Playing cards from one’s hand, on the other hand, negates these effects. Single-player and four-player cooperative modes are both supported by Hero Dice. Colorful chibi figures based on the video and pictures may be seen in the game’s 3D models. Heroes can be enhanced with numerous equipment and evolutions, as well as more detailed anime-inspired cards and images. Additionally, Hero Dice looks to have microtransactions, premium money, and gacha mechanics, despite the fact that it is a free-to-play game. All of these aspects are ubiquitous in mobile games, although they are typically predatory. Pre-registration allows players to gain access to free Heroes, goods, and premium cash, however the game is only available in Japan for the time being.

ZeniMax Asia K.K., Bethesda Softworks’ Tokyo-based affiliate.

publishing Hero Dice. Shinji Mikami, the director of Evil Within and executive producer of the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo, is credited on the game’s website as “leading the team.” Whether this is a reference to Tango Gameworks in general, or Hero Dice specifically, is unclear due to the way the machine translation phrased it.

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