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  • The arrival of Batman is imminent. Re-watching this little-known animated series is an excellent idea right now.

Cropped Matt Reeves‘ The Batman, the 2004 animated film adaptation, will be released in just a few weeks. The film, starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and his alter identity, the Caped Crusader, is believed to embrace the detective component of Batman’s character in a manner past live-action films have not. Director Christopher Reeves has lauded the voice actors, tone, and more of Batman: The Animated Series for its effect on his forthcoming feature. It’s hard to argue that Reeves’ praise for this animated series isn’t warranted. But there have been a number of other Batman-themed cartoons, notably The Batman (2004). The art style, the narrative, and the unique twists on characters in this series are all underappreciated (and a great theme song as well). It’s the perfect time of year to go back and rewatch the show.

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As previously said, The Batman (2004) incorporates many of the characters from the comics, but with a distinct twist or interpretation. For instance, in the new live-action Batman film, Paul Dano portrays the Riddler. The Riddler’s design in this animated series is vastly different from any prior portrayal of the character. Unlike the Riddler’s usual green costume and question marks in the comics, Dano’s Riddler appears more like a Zodiac killer in the new film.

Batman’s Riddler is based on Cropped in 2004.

With shaggy hair and a ripped shirt, this cartoon Riddler is arguably more radical than the one appearing in the upcoming film. Freddy Krueger’s voice actor, Robert Englund, was cast as the Riddler in this series, which is a departure from what the character is typically depicted as. However, even if you’re not a fan, you should definitely check out this new interpretation of the character. The Joker, Batman’s most infamous nemesis, was perhaps the most significantly reworked figure. The character was voiced by Mark Hamill in the 1990s animated series, which was faithful to the comic book source material in terms of script, aesthetics, and voice. However, following up on The Batman (2004) was a risky move that paid off. This incarnation of the Joker sports long hair and dreadlocks, which he wears with a big grin. In addition, he had brilliant red eyes and bright yellow teeth.

In addition to his appearance.

The Joker had a distinct persona. He was still the terrifying, demonic clown, but he was more erratic than ever before. Jared Leto’s portrayal of the character, which was similarly unpredictable and threatening when it arrived a few years later, appears to have been influenced by this particular and subtle alteration. However, there are also some familiar characters, such as the main character, included in the series. In this series, Batman wears a grey suit with a yellow and black emblem, and he looks great. When it came to voicing the role, Rino Romano performed a fantastic job even if he had to follow up Kevin Conroy’s legendary portrayal as Batman. Several members of the Bat family make appearances, including Robin and others who have been expertly portrayed. In this series, there is a blend of old and new, making it a unique and original show that should be explored before the debut of The Batman.


Despite its name, this series had a big cast of characters that included the Justice League and some DC villains from the wider universe. There is a two-episode arc when Batman and Superman first met in this programme, and the writers did a terrific job of conveying the two’s interaction and early friction, something to be expected with the meeting of two great heroes. This leads to Batman and Gotham City working together to stop Lex Luthor in the second episode. As a fan, you’ll appreciate it whether it’s your first time or you’re revisiting it. Another excellent reason to return is the series’ concluding episode. As a result of the kidnapping of many of the Justice League’s super-powered members (such as Superman and Wonder Woman), Batman and Green Arrow are the only remaining heroes. Batman faces deadly foes in a deliberately mismatched matchup, forcing him to use his intellect and cunning to save his comrades instead of relying on them. Although Batman is a beloved character, his lack of superhuman abilities is frequently ridiculed. This narrative will be of particular interest to individuals who enjoy debating such topics. Unlike Superman, Batman is a selfless leader who understands exactly what to do when things become rough. It was a suitable conclusion to the storey, making Batman even more magnificent. It’s very uncommon for shows to conclude on a sour note, with some endings that are simply unfitting and unsatisfactory. Not The Batman (2004), though.

  • Fans of DC’s most renowned hero may want to relive this underappreciated but incredibly delightful animated series ahead of The Batman’s release next month.

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