Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
FBI season 6 is not coming to CBS in August 2023


While FBI has been renewed for season 6, the new season of CBS’s hit drama will not be coming to the network in August 2023.

As disappointing as it might be to hear that the wait for season 6 is going to continue for yet another month, the fact that season 6 won’t be arriving in August isn’t entirely surprising. Most fall shows take the summer months off which means no new episodes from June through August.

This allows networks such as CBS to make way for their summer programs which air across the months as well as bringing fans special presentations of past episodes as well as the occasional special or award show. Once summer wraps, the fall shows typically settle back into the schedule in September or October as the kickoff of the new TV season begins. Typically being the keyword.

Since the show’s debut, FBI fans have come to expect new seasons to begin in the fall and this has always been the case for the flagship series and its spinoffs. However, this is not a usual year and we sadly will not be seeing the FBI shows return to CBS in the fall.

Why aren’t the FBI shows coming back in the fall?

Like many scripted programs, FBI and its sister series will not be returning in 2023 and have been shifted to CBS’s midseason lineup. This move is due to the ongoing writers and actors strikes which prevent production on the new season from beginning.

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With production unable to begin until the studios and unions reach new agreements, it is expected that filming on shows such as FBI will not begin until late this year or possibly even in early 2024 based on when a new deal is negotiated. Because production has not yet started on the upcoming sixth season and there is not a set timeline for when production might begin, CBS has delayed the returns of its scripted fall dramas.

This means that we’re going to have to wait until 2024 for the new season of FBI to begin, with a long wait ahead for fans.

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