Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Gift Cards Can Be Purchased With Crypto Food Hall Royalties.

If you’re looking for something to do in Los Angeles, you’ll have plenty of options in 2022. The NFT Chef Collection by Cordia Corporation (OTC: CORG) has been launched. The items in the collection are currently available for purchase at www.cryptofoodhall.com and www.opensea.com/cryptofoodhall. The Crypto Food Hall is a virtual food hall containing 1000 chefs from around the world. An independent restaurant that buys a chef will get free access to celebrity virtual restaurants, crypto marketing support, exposure to the NFT community, and potential sales of your digital gift cards to Cordia. It’s an opportunity for foodies to acquire free gift cards from participating restaurants and learn about crypto-friendly eateries around the world. 20% of all resale profits will be used by Cordia to purchase gift cards from NFTs owned by independent eateries. If you’ve joined up for the Crypto Food Hall Discord, you’ll be randomly given gift cards.

As tough as it’s ever been.

working at a restaurant is even more so today. The majority of independently owned dining establishments are barely surviving. If you don’t get a few new clients, your business could close for good. Peter Klamka, CEO of Cordia Corporation and former owner of small restaurants, says that Cordia’s Chef collection is a great and inexpensive first step for restaurants to acquire exposure to NFTs and the expanding cryptocurrency community. Since McDonald’s, Chipotle, and Panera Bread have recently revealed intentions to include NFTs into their marketing and ordering, as well as their customer loyalty programmes. Independent eateries, small chains, internet restaurant operators, and food truck proprietors are all a part of the Crypto Food Hall’s target audience.


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