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Generation Impact’s Story Quest for Yae Miko.

Yae Miko’s Story Quest challenge is one of the Chests that Genshin Impact often has a one-time domain for. Prior to completing the task, players should pillage the area thoroughly because the domain is non-repeatable. Otherwise, adventurers will run out of chests before they reach their goal. While this may not be a problem for casual gamers, completionists will find it extremely frustrating. Therefore, if individuals are unsure if they can locate all the boxes in Yae Miko’s Story Quest in Genshin Impact, this article will provide a step-by-step guide.

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Act I of Yae Miko’s Story Quest has a domain that provides a tiny challenge: Painting in Yae Miko Story Quest domain. It’s based on the necessity to turn on four Electro bulbs. The building has three floors: the top, the middle, and the bottom. The main floor will be the starting point for all players. Two Exquisite, three Common, and one Precious Chest may be found in this domain. Genshin Impact Chest can be obtained in six different ways.

 Kairagi with the locked Exquisite Chest.

  • Getting to the first Exquisite Chest isn’t difficult. To find a Kairagi and some Nobushi, first-time visitors should continue trekking deeper into the complex. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll be able to claim your prize.

Lower-level access using an elevator

  • The next part is a room with a giant mirror in the middle (This is the centre room of the domain). You’ll need to use the elevator to the right of the mirror to reach the second chest. The mechanism can be activated by pressing the lever on the bottom floor.

Exquisite Chest: The Road to the Second

  • This floor is home to a few Treasure Hoarders, so be on the lookout. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you defeat them. Later, gamers should explore the area farther until they come across two Kairagi. To access the second Exquisite Chest, you must fight them.

Winds blowing up to the first floor

  • Once you’ve found an air stream, walk around the corner. Players will be able to access the main floor from here.

The upper storey is being buffeted by the wind.

  • Nobushi will be snooping around this time around. Defeat the Inazuma horde to gain access to the central chamber. To go to the top floor, head over to the air current.

Moving the first wall.

  • Some mechanisms that can be moved will be located on the upper floors of the structure. Move the first door in your path as you arrive.

Moving the second wall.

  • Then, move the mechanism to the left of the air current as it passes through it.

The Standard Chest.

  • Room containing Kairagi and Common Chest will be shown. You must defeat the enemy in order to claim the reward.

Moving the third wall.

Next, cross the hall in the opposite way and head to the next door on the other side. They can be seen at the far end of the hall plotting their next move. Avoid being interrupted by fighting them.Players can now see that both the left and right sides of the hall have been blocked off.

 The chest.

A wooden box blocking the mechanism must be demolished before the correct door can be unlocked. One Common Chest sits on a table in the room.

Yae Miko’s realm includes the common chest.

In the meantime, the left door remains operable. You’ll find it at the top of a tiny staircase. Yae Miko’s Precious Chest is number six.
For the Precious Chest, players of Genshin Impact must complete the domain and follow its storey. A huge box and an exit circle will appear.

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