Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

This week’s Game of the Week is Goran K’s incredible role-playing game, Grim Quest – Old School RPG. The Google Play Store currently has up to 1,000 instals of this newly released game, despite the fact that it was only released yesterday. Adults and children alike can enjoy the game’s action because it has a content rating of seven and up. As previously stated, it is a role-playing game that contains mild and implied violence.


A lot of people like to play RPGs. Then Grim Quest – Old School RPG was made just for you. When you’re fully immersed in the game’s gameplay, you’ll never get bored. Dungeon crawlers and turn-based RPGs are both present in this game.

The retro vibe and gothic aesthetics are two of the most appealing aspects of this game. These two features are uncommon in video games. It also has a fantastic setting, which makes excellent use of a world of dark fantasies.


So many features await you once you’ve downloaded it. Freudian psychology and Lovecraftian horror are included in this. As a result, the film places great emphasis on creating a mood of fear and dread. It’s important to note that GOTW: Grim Quest – Old School RPG is only available in English at the moment.

Feature-Rich Design

Here are a few of the most important features:


  • A combat system and a turn-based RPG allow you to engage in battle and defeat your opponents. This will happen during the battles with bosses.
  • The dark world’s mythology and history are explored in depth. The more you immerse yourself in this world, the more you’ll enjoy it.
  • The character you’ll play as throughout the entire game. You must control your character’s sanity in order to prevent them from suffering the unexpected.
  • There are more than 20 active and passive abilities and 25 spells to choose from. Customize and enhance your character with the aid of these.
  • For your characters, there are 27 different backgrounds to choose from. Every one of these backgrounds has an impact on the game’s outcome.
  • You’ll have a wonderful time playing the game thanks to text and interactive events.
  • Everything you need to complete the game is available as consumables and accessories.

There are numerous challenges to overcome, as well as rewards to earn. You can expect to find up to 60 pieces of scattered lore.

Manage besieged cities while enduring raids.

There are four levels of difficulty. These sections can either put you at ease or keep you on the edge of your seat. Permadeath is an option that can be turned off if desired.

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Grim Quest – Old School RPG is this week’s Game of the Week; download it now to get started.

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