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Second Life and The Sims fans may have assumed that the Metaverse would be similar to those games. Yes, it’s true in many respects.

People can now interact virtually on a new platform called the Metaverse. When Facebook rebranded in October, Mark Zuckerberg pumped up the idea even more. The metaverse was one of the most important concepts.

The GOF Avatars of the Guardians of Style

Many people compare metaverse to Second Life because the virtual residents are so lifelike. Only those avatars are being discussed here that closely resemble real-life people.

When you are in the metaverse, you can do the same things you can do when you are in the real world. Residents can get jobs, buy properties, earn money, and trade goods just like in Second Life. Other frivolous activities, such as watching movies with friends, are also an option. It has a monetary system and a functioning economy. Fiat currency can be used to buy and sell the latter items. In the future, we’ll be able to experience all of this and more in virtual reality.

The door is about to swing open to a new virtual economy. Companies and individuals will soon be able to use the Zuckerburg-backed platform. More people are creating avatars in the virtual world, which means that metaverse jobs and careers will soon be available.

OWNFT World, a Singapore-based startup, is developing a new class of non-fungible avatar tokens based on the Ethereum network. The system should go live by the end of February, if all goes according to plan. The group behind this, known as Guardians of Fashion (GOF), has teamed up with Warner Music Group (WMG). To make their content available to the public, other fashion brands and networks have already joined the ecosystem.

Fashion’s watchdogs Model Avatars for the GOF

First, a casting call is made for any type of video or television show. An avatar can be cast, but only if the NFT avatar is a good match for the casting role. As of this writing, it costs 0.18 ETH (Ethereum) to pitch an avatar, which is approximately $557 (USD).

It is possible for the owner of the avatar to receive a portion of the revenue generated. GOF tokens, which can be exchanged for other digital assets, will be the method of payment. Large-scale NFT projects that pay out passive income are the goal. Instead of just being a more advanced virtual world, the metaverse is being transformed into something useful.

The platform for the metaverse will continue to grow. The possibilities are endless, and the Guardians of Fashion is only one of them. As the virtual world becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives, this could be a step forward.

NFT Avatars of Guardians of Fashion GOF

Guardians of Fashion (GOF) is primarily aimed at those in the entertainment and fashion industries. If you’ve always wanted to be a model but never had the opportunity, this is the place for you. If you’re a model in the metaverse, at the very least, you can instantly become famous.

Real people will be the ones in charge of Avatars. There are many NFT (Non-Fungible Token) businesses flourishing in the virtual world. They can live and act in a virtual world where their virtual talents can shine through. We believe that digital influencers will excel at this task.

Fashion Guardians GOF Avatars NFT Models

GOF’s Avatar NFTs can be used by real-world businesses, which makes it sustainable. For example, when they appear in a video or webtoon, their value can rise. Big brands do not need to hire real celebrities; they can probably get away with using avatars instead.

As a result, everything is a simulation. Second Life or The Sims would be a better comparison. Because the game has already made some people money in the real world, it’s more like the latter. We can expect more fashion brands to join the metaverse bandwagon as big brands like Gucci, Nike, and Disney work on their presence.

Guardians of Fashion Avatar

An ultimate goal is to make NFT avatars household names. But first, you must enter the NFT marketplace to create, customise, and fully own your avatar. You will be the sole owner of the digital character that will be created for you.. More than 550 assets were used to create the 6,888 different erc1155 NFT talents. Each one is unique. You can take on the role of the character’s manager, allowing it to earn money.

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