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Occasionally, women wear high heels in order to appear more professional or to attend a party. Wearing these shoes for long periods of time is a pain in the ass. Even to use some of these devices, you’ll need extensive education and training. Models on the catwalk have been known to fall over while wearing them. However, if you’re looking for a new challenge today, give High Heels a try.


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You can walk around in high heels the entire time in this game. However, this is only the beginning of the struggle. The road ahead is going to be paved with difficulties! Do you consider yourself an expert in high heels? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the best runway model in the business? You’ll be surprised at how many different ways high heels can be worn. Observe the dangers around you, and try to collect as many high heels as possible.

Struggle through Levels in Stilettos

Zynga has created an obstacle course game based on the premise that you wear high heels on obstacle courses, making it even harder to walk on high heels. The action-obstacle game In High Heels allows you to overcome the various obstacles by weakening these difficult shoes. Multiple levels must be conquered, and each one has its own unique set of difficulties.

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To cross a building, you may have to walk on a narrow beam or over a wall obstacle. As a result, you’ll need to go through each level and pick up all of the scattered shoes. As a result, you will eventually encounter obstacles that you cannot avoid, resulting in the loss of a pair of footwear. Regardless, this game is a tonne of fun, and it lets you collect a variety of heels and diamonds along the way. You must play this game right now in order to de-stress yourself! You’ll be able to balance, run, and overcome obstacles in high heels if you put your best foot forward.

What to Expect When You’re Wearing Heels All Day?

Wearing high heels is something you’ve probably never done before. It’s not as simple as any other shoe to put on and take off. In High Heels, however, you’ll be taking on a series of gruelling obstacle courses in them!

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In High Heels, you’ll be required to wear high heels throughout the entire game. However, the road is littered with various hazards, so you’ll have to be on your toes. You may have to cross buildings on a stick if there are any obstacles in your path. Balance and evasion are the most important skills you need to master in order to progress through the game. During the journey, you’ll be picking up various items. Keys and diamonds can be found in the same place. Not to mention the fact that you’ll need to amass heels to overcome obstacles. At the end of the race, the more heels you have on at the finish line, the more rewards you receive.

It is important to collect diamonds and heels in High Heels, along with the keys. You’ll have to do your best to get them all while avoiding various obstacles on the map. Is it possible to complete all of the levels and earn all of the prizes.

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You can unlock new heels, jewels, and bodies in High Heels by collecting the various items that are in the game. There’s a lot to discover. There are a variety of body types, each with a unique face and skin tone. You can also wear unusual heels. There’s a gold one, a rainbow one, and a fairy with tiny wings, among others. Finally, you can add jewels to your character, such as a crown, bracelets, and even wings!

Playing this game is a lot of fun, and the graphics and animation are stunning. You won’t get bored looking at them. In order to provide you with a greater challenge, the courses have been built on top of buildings. In general, the game’s beautiful animation will have you hooked.

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Running an obstacle course in a heel sounds like fun! Get High Heels today and face a variety of challenges.

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