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Activision Blizzard is a household name in the gaming business, and many gamers are aware of this. Microsoft’s acquisition of the firm would cost a historic $69 billion, making it the third-largest revenue-generating gaming corporation in the world, behind only Tencent and Sony. Activision Blizzard’s value may not be as evident to many players as the Candy Crush developer King. Since its acquisition by Activision Blizzard for $5.9 billion in 2013, Candy Crush has generated billions of dollars for its owners. Since its release in 2012, Candy Crush has been a huge hit, but despite its numerous improvements, the game is still far from flawless. It’s not just the social aspects that are outmoded, but the social side of gaming is becoming more and more prominent. Candy Crush’s social elements might be enhanced in several ways to make it a more pleasurable game to play with others.

Microsoft Probably Won’t Become the ‘Amazon of Video Games’

It would be nice if Candy Crush had voice chat support.
Candy Crush has always emphasised the social side of gaming since its inception. People could easily share the game with their friends and challenge each other on Facebook, where the game’s beginnings were. The game’s simplicity and addictiveness make it an ideal subject for a fast message, and it only takes a few minutes of gameplay to captivate new players. Even while Candy Crush has come a long way, it still heavily relies on social elements and social media to function. Players can, for example, link the app to their Facebook accounts, invite their friends, touch on the avatars of other players to learn more about them, and send “lives” to assist their fellow players. The problem with Candy Crush is not that it has completely ignored the social realm. As a result, its social elements are starting to feel antiquated. One option to fix this is to create a split-screen multiplayer feature with voice chat. This would make Candy Crush more appealing to friends searching for a game that also allows for social interaction in today’s gaming climate because voice chat is now pervasive in gaming.

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