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Even those who aren’t familiar with anime will recognise the name “Dragon Ball” because it is one of the most well-known series in the medium. There are numerous anime adaptations, sequels and spin-offs, as well as multiple movies, video games, and even live-action versions of the manga that were published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1984. Even in 2022, the Dragon Ball franchise is still popular, with fans eagerly anticipating the next film in the series. A large number of anime fans still haven’t seen Dragon Ball, despite the series’ enormous popularity. Anime and manga are decades old, and newcomers may not have had the opportunity to appreciate them as deeply as long-time fans have. In addition, new anime series are continually being released, making it difficult to determine where and how to begin. Here’s a quick guide for those who are new to the series.

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The Dragon Ball series Goku and Bulma are two of the most popular characters in the world.
A little child with superhuman strength and a monkey’s tail, Son Goku, is the focus of Dragon Ball. A new adventure begins when he meets young Bulma, who is on a quest to locate the seven Dragon Balls. A person’s wish is said to be granted if all seven Dragon Balls are collected together, according to legend. When Goku sets out to find the Dragon Balls, he discovers that the world is far bigger than he ever imagined. In the course of his quest, he encounters dictatorial demons and criminal organisations and trains with Master Roshi. He also competes in competitions against the world’s greatest martial artists. Throughout Dragon Ball, Goku matures from an infant to a teenager. Goku has a little son, Gohan, by the time Dragon Ball Z begins. The fact that he is an alien called a Saiyan, on the other hand, will alter his entire worldview. Vegeta, Frieza, and Cell are all on the list of threats and obstacles that Goku will face as a result of this line of events. As long as there are great battles, Goku will keep pushing himself to new heights of power.

For a long time, Dragon Ball Z was considered the end of the Dragon Ball storey.

but a new series, Dragon Ball Super, began airing, chronicling new adventures for Goku and his comrades. Goku ascends to new heights in Dragon Ball Super as he takes on gods like Beerus and powerful warriors from other worlds like Hit and Jiren. When there are more enemies to battle and more worlds to discover, Goku’s strength and power continue to rise. Dragon Ball Super continues Goku’s adventures despite the fact that the original manga has been finished for quite some time, meaning that his adventures will continue for quite some time.

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