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Most automakers began referring to themselves as “mobility companies” rather than “car companies” a few years ago. Automakers are hoping to cash in on Wall Street’s excitement about mobility.

Investors haven’t taken an interest so far. As of this writing, they do not consider traditional automakers to be mobility companies. When GM Cruise begins offering public use of Level 4 robotaxi services later this year, things could start to change. Ford, for example, has started selling fleet management software to commercial vehicle manufacturers, such as Volvo. This could be a way to show investors that traditional car companies aren’t just a bunch of metal benders.”

Hyundai’s Wild Ride Into the Metaverse

Passenger drones, or VTOLs, are another option. It has been revealed that Mercedes, Cadillac, Geely, Porsche, Hyundai, and Aston Martin all have their own VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) concepts. People will begin to see automakers as more than just businesses that make and sell automobiles if they begin to actually fly these machines through the air.

These examples, on the other hand, all involve vehicles. And, of course, we are all familiar with automobiles. You board, ride to your destination, and then exit the vehicle. It is a world we have all grown up in, and they operate in it.

A concept vehicle unveiled at CES 2022 by Hyundai has nothing to do with automobiles or trucks. It reaches into the metaverse without stopping in the physical one.

In the metaverse, you’re an expert. On the internet, there is a virtual reality world. It’s a place where you can make a digital representation of yourself and use it as a coping mechanism. Things can be bought and sold. You’re able to mingle with strangers. Virtual reality goggles allow you to live in a completely new world where you can do whatever you want.

Hyundai’s urban robotized concept

A seamless transition between reality and the metaverse, according to Hyundai, is imminent. Metamobility is the new term for this phenomenon. That’s why it’s working on the things that will make this possible.

Aside from our current physical world and the physical world we will experience through our personal robots, the metaverse is also an important consideration for Hyundai.

Physical reality doesn’t need to be explained. Already, it has become your home. It’s at this point that things begin to get exciting. What we’ll be able to experience through robots.

A personal robot will soon be able to do our work for us while we’re doing something else. Hyundai believes this will happen soon. Like taking care of the dog at home while we’re away on business. This goes beyond simply instructing a robot to perform specific actions at predetermined intervals. To see what your robot sees, you’ll put on a pair of virtual-reality goggles and put them on. Actually, you will be able to control the robot as if it were your own personal assistant. So, while you’re relaxing on the back porch, your robot vacuums and dusts the house for you.

Already, it’s here to stay. The city of Chernobyl, Ukraine, suffered a catastrophic nuclear plant meltdown in 1986, and Boston Dynamics has robots patrolling the area. The goggles help the investigators steer the robots as they scour the city for areas with elevated radiation levels.

A prime example is the acquisition of robotics powerhouse Boston Dynamics by Hyundai. A robot dancing to music and doing other bizarre things is probably something you’ve seen on YouTube, courtesy of the company Boston Dynamics. Hyundai’s vision of future metamobility is perfectly suited to Boston Dynamics.

McElroy Square

The third area, the metaverse, was left out of Hyundai’s vision. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t figured it out yet. Maybe it didn’t want to give away too much information. However, it is adamant that this is where it will continue to grow in the future.

And this isn’t some far-off future occurrence, either. 50 percent of the company’s revenue is expected to come from selling cars and trucks, 30 percent from VTOLs and the remaining 20 percent from metamobility by the end of this decade.

In other words, according to Hyundai, the future of mobility is already here. This is an idea that goes far beyond what any other metal bender has to say.

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