Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

In addition to the usual livestream, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 reveal event took place in a metaverse, and I was eager to see it. In the past, I’ve attended Samsung virtual reality events and found them to be more enjoyable than most other branded virtual events. Unquestionably silly, the 2016 photo of Mark Zuckerberg walking down the aisle while everyone around him wears a Gear VR headset was a compelling demonstration of what could be accomplished from home.

As a contrast, Samsung’s 2022 Unpacked event served more as a case study in what not to do when hosting a product launch in the metaverse.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Metaverse Event

You’re not alone if you thought Samsung’s announcement of an event in the metaverse meant putting on a virtual reality headset and sitting in an audience. Instead, Samsung built a virtual version of its New York event space in Decentraland, a virtual playground for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Using a VR headset is technically possible, but the experience is hardly functional and necessitates extensive technical expertise. Using a web browser, mouse, and keyboard, you enter Decentraland as an animated avatar that you can customise, and then move yourself to the Samsung 837X space to participate in Decentraland’s community.

On the day before the event, I arrived at this location to find an illuminated building and what appeared to be a fake pizza shop. At first glance, there was nothing to see, but people were already lining up to check out Samsung’s wares even though the doors were locked. There had grown from a handful to nearly 100 people outside when I checked back in 30 minutes before the event started. Even though you can only see people on your server, each server appeared to be full as I walked from one to another in advance of the event. More than a thousand people had gathered outside Samsung’s New York City headquarters to see the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

By Adam

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