Mon. May 16th, 2022

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, unveiled its first-ever collection of Indian NFT tokens on Monday, drawing inspiration from mythology and folklore from India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. Indian NFT collection MetaMasters will be available to Binance users around the world with a unique selling promise of ‘888 times more money, wealth, and profits for its collectors.

MetaMasters are strong celestial beings that travel through the fabric of space and time to bring good fortune to their collectors. According to the Binance description, MetaMaster MahaDev would be the first in the series. The NFT’s starting price is USD 387.92, and there are currently 3,564 of the tokens available for purchase on Binance.
NFT asset maker Sourav Roy and Singapore-based tech entrepreneur and NFT artist Sandeep Bhatia have established MetaMasters. Since Chinese New Year begins on February 1 and Maha Shivratri begins on March 1, the series is being launched to commemorate this fortunate time period.

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Regarding MetaMasters’ concept, Roy stated that the days of boring, featureless NFTs are over and collectors now expect value for their money, functionality, and an original use for their NFTS. Roy claimed that. Nobody likes the same old pixelated, non-functional NFTs any more.’

To what extent are you willing to put up with any longer of these mind-boggling creatures in the name of art? That’s why we created MetaMasters and debuted MetaMasters with a unique blend of narrative from India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Turkey. Roy introduced MetaMaster MahaDev as the series’ inaugural instalment.

Because of their distinctiveness and rarity, NFTs are sought after by collectors around the world. In the secondary market, the more distinctive and unusual it is, the more valuable it is to collectors and collectors alike. Unlike other digital assets, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets with proven ownership rights that are held on a blockchain.

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NFTs are enabling the sale of digital assets in the arts, music, and sports industries, which is revolutionising these industries. A growing number of celebrities have recently begun selling their own NFT artwork to their fans.

In December 2021, Non Fungible Tokens’ global sales value surpassed USD 4 billion. In contrast to the volatility of the cryptomarkets, the growth of NFTs has been steady and steady on the other hand.

In order to be a good NFT, a product must have a distinctive function, usefulness, purpose, and collection value. Singapore-based co-creator of MetaMasters Sandeep Singh says that implies the secondary market is a surefire winner.

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