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Those who have been eagerly awaiting the long-awaited release of Dragon Age 4 have some good news from an industry insider.

BioWare first revealed Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards 2018 and has since shared some concept art, but otherwise has been quite silent. Considering BioWare’s recent past and its blunders with Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, some Dragon Age 4 fans are concerned about the project’s current stage without seeing any gameplay footage. Those who are concerned about the development of Dragon Age 4 can rest easy. There are no major issues with the creation of Dragon Age 4, according to Jeff Grubb, an industry insider. Dragon Age 4 is slated to be released in late 2023, according to a report from a gaming website.

The BioWare Reputation Repair Plan.

If the anticipated release date of late 2023 for Dragon Age 4 comes to be, it will be nine years following the premiere of 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. As of 2009, when Dragon Age: Origins was launched, new instalments in the series were released on a regular basis until 2014, when Dragon Age: Inquisition was released, with Dragon Age 2 following closely behind in 2011 and the intervening years being occupied by both expansions and spin-offs. However, since the debut of Inquisition in 2014, the series has been idle. According to Jeff Grubb on the most recent episode of GrubbSnax, development on Dragon Age 4 is doing well and the team is reaching their goals. The game will be ready in around 18 months, according to the current plan. At the earliest, he thinks it will be released in late 2023.

If the rumour of a Dragon Age 4 release date is true.

gamers should expect the game to arrive shortly, though no specific date has been announced. Dragon Age 4 may or may not make an appearance at EA Play this year, and fans may have to wait a bit longer to learn more about the game before then. It’s probable that EA will wait until next year before launching a full-scale marketing campaign for the game, which is due out in late 2023. Despite the lack of information about Dragon Age 4, it is known that the red lyrium substance will play a role in the storey. Solas the Dread Wolf and Varris Tethras, two previous Dragon Age characters, are set to return in Dragon Age 4. Several additional well-known characters are likely to make an appearance in Dragon Age 4, but no further information has been released at the time of this writing.

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