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In anticipation of the metaverse market’s projected $800 billion growth rate (as estimated by Bloomberg), Facebook has rebranded as Meta. Immersive online technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive video make up what has been dubbed the metaverse.

Digital twins are now a reality. Is your company ready to take advantage of this new technology?

A quick guide to the Snowflake data warehouse platform. Some corporations are taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to metaverse, but the majority of CIOs are instead focusing their efforts on more AI deployments to help with innovation and digitalization.

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It’s not too early to imagine how metaverse technology could transform corporate business processes and even the way companies conduct business. Like many new technologies, it is important to look at how metaverse technology has already been implemented.

As an illustration, consider the following real-world business scenarios:

Real estate agents and clothing retailers are allowing customers to virtually try on shoes and garments before they buy, and furniture companies are allowing customers to drop furniture into virtual representations of their homes to see how it will fit. All of the virtual visualisations allow customers to try out the merchandise in a virtual world before they buy the physical items.

When it comes to new product design, manufacturing processes, and aerospace flight simulations, computer programmes called digital twins, which use real-world data to create virtual simulations, are being used. Predicting failure points in models and processes that can be corrected digitally and architecturally before they are ever created physically is made possible through simulations, which save time spent developing and testing physical models.

A safe metaverse is essential and how to create welcoming virtual worlds can be found here: 

Therapeutic pain management in medicine is being assisted by virtual reality. A patient’s pain can be alleviated by using a VR headset equipped with motion sensors to immerse the patient in a virtual world. Virtual reality allows the patient to interact with a virtual world.

Using augmented reality, construction and architecture projects can anticipate (and, in some cases, avoid) potential clashes between design and construction. A 3D model of a proposed design is superimposed on an existing space via mobile devices and 3D models in augmented reality (AR).

Metaverse Evolution Continues with IT

Even though most CIOs think of the metaverse as a far-off concept, it’s worthwhile to look at the existing use cases where the technology has already proven itself. Using some of these use cases in the enterprise, such as new product design, may be possible.

To ensure its high quality, this data must be meticulously prepared. Records and business processes will have to be integrated with it. In addition, the metaverse models that use it will have to be carefully curated so that they can be relied upon and replicated in performance.

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