Fri. Nov 25th, 2022

The Unpacked 2022 event, which is just a day away, will also be held in Metaverse, according to an official blog post from Samsung. The Unpacked event will be streamed live on Samsung’s virtual reality platform, Samsung 837X, alongside YouTube and Samsung’s official website.

It will be called Decentraland in the virtual world and is based on Samsung’s New York flagship store. Samsung is primarily concerned with making the experience more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Samsung’s Metaverse Scavenger Hunt

Users will be able to embark on a scavenger hunt from the Samsung 837X lobby. It is hoped that a new character will explain the basics of the quest and lead the users on their journey through the scavenger hunt. Up to ten recyclable product boxes must be found in the Connectivity Theater, which you can move around.

It is possible to create something magical from these recyclable product boxes. A seed will be given to the player who completes the quest. A special NFT badge can then be earned by planting this seed in the Sustainability Forest. In order to receive their special Valentine’s Day wearable, customers must come back on the 14th of February.

There’s more, though. Other perks include an Easter egg hunt that will net you another NFT badge, and several other surprises. A quest hunt, NFT rewards, product reveals, and live performances are all part of the Unpacked event in the metaverse. Use your desktop to access Decentraland and take advantage of Samsung’s one-of-a-kind metaverse event.

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