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Your knowledge of NFTs has probably increased to the point where you have an opinion about them.


In NFTs, you may buy and sell the ownership of unique digital goods, and you can keep track of who owns them using the blockchain technology. The term “non-fungible token” refers to a digital asset that might include everything from paintings and animated GIFs to songs and video game items. As with a real-life picture, an NFT can be one of one or one of many copies, but the blockchain keeps track of who owns the file.

With high-profile memes such as Nyan Cat and “deal with it” sunglasses going up for auction, NFTs have been making news recently. NFTs are also the subject of much debate because of their high electricity consumption and potential negative environmental effects. The FAQ section of our NFT website is here if you still have queries.

Alex Heath spoke to Carrie-Ann Moss and The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss about their thoughts on bitcoin, NFT collectibles, and the concept of digital scarcity during our discussion with the actresses. Keanu Reeves, the “relatable nerd” profiled in a 2019 Vox article on his Keanaism, had, of course, a relatable response (tweeted earlier by David Zhou).

Keanu Reeves NFT Hype

That’s because the idea that digital trinkets communicate ownership even when the underlying information is, as he says, “easily replicated” is enough to make even Neo squirm. At some point in his recovery he questioned Moss if they’re getting any money from the sales, so maybe when someone tweeting about the amazing potential of smart contracts makes him take it more seriously

Even though Reeves has indicated that he owns cryptocurrencies that a buddy bought for him, it’s not like he is completely unfamiliar with the blockchain technology. Although he’s not actively trading any of it, he’s all about HODLing. If you’re curious in their thoughts on metaverses, The Matrix, and Warner Bros.’ missed videogame possibilities, you can read the nearly 19-minute interview to learn more about their thoughts on these subjects.

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