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To become a legend, combine your cards and use your abilities. In this epic card game, you’ll get the full League of Legends thrills. Download it now. Fans of League of Legends will have a blast with this title, as will everyone else.


Your collection of cards will grow as you play, or you can simply purchase the ones that interest you. Your card collection is completely under your control. Take advantage of your opponents’ lack of strategy and skill to defeat them all.

New Card Game Based On League Of Legends

This is a game where every move has an impact on the outcome. Players must exercise extreme caution so that no single move is a mistake. To put it simply, it boils down to how much risk you’re willing to take on each turn.


Legendary League of Legends characters. Heroes from the League of Legends video game will populate your card deck. By unlocking new legends as you play, or by purchasing the legends you desire, you can build up the ultimate deck.

Decide on a course of action. This isn’t a card game that was hurriedly put together. In order to stay on top of the ever-changing meta in Legends of Runeterra APK, you’ll need to incorporate new meta into your overall strategy on a regular basis. When you think you’ve got it figured out, you’ll find out there’s a better way. You’ll be hooked for a long time to come because the game is constantly evolving and adapting.


Always a surprise. The game has gone to great lengths to keep things fresh and interesting for you. As you plan your attack and unleash your might on your opponent, they’ll react and counter in ways you didn’t expect… the action is about to heat up!

Use the best. League of Legends-inspired champion cards appear in this game. In the right hands, they can change the course of a battle and grow stronger until they’re unbeatable! However, they will require assistance if they are to defeat the enemy on their own.

Explore the realm of Runes. Your legends all originate from a specific region of Runeterra. You can put together a team of legends from all over the world by bringing together players from different regions. Try mixing and matching cards from different regions to create something truly unique. This is how you come up with the most effective plan.

The chests are delivered every week. Weekly chests let you get your hands on awesome rewards like wild cards and bonuses. Equipment and bonus cards that can help you win the game will be available to you. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to find better chests.


As soon as you feel confident in your abilities as a player, you’ll be able to challenge yourself in ranked matches. You’ll be competing against the best players in the land for glory in these games.

The Legends of Runeterra APK Beta for Android is here!

The game is currently in Beta testing, but it will soon be released. Get a sneak peek at the game that’s about to take over the world of mobile gaming by downloading the Legends of Runeterra APK beta right now! Now is the time to get your first look.

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