Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
  • Since Windows Phone is no longer supported, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox functions will no longer work on the defunct mobile platform.

Logo of Xbox Live on Windows Phones.

No more Xbox features for Windows Phone are supported by Microsoft. There was no fanfare, and notifications were sent out to the Xbox app. Microsoft’s move to discontinue support for Windows Phone is certain to disappoint the platform’s diminishing fan base. Microsoft launched Windows Phone in 2010 as a direct competitor to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft’s Windows Phone seized market share from Blackberry 10 OS, which had just entered the market and seemed prepared to be a major contender. Toward that end, Microsoft shelled over $7 billion for Nokia. However, by 2016, Windows Phone’s popularity has waned in the face of growing competition from iOS and Android. Because of the company’s decision to cease Windows Phone development in 2017, the platform’s market share shrank to 1%.

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The elimination of Xbox functionality will effect all Windows Phone operating systems, including Windows 10 Mobile. All Windows Phone devices are expected to be affected by the discontinuation of Xbox LIVE services on May 16. It will no longer be possible for Xbox Live accounts to be updated with achievements or other forms of progression, and cloud-saving features will be removed. Despite Microsoft’s claim that “some games may still be playable on your phone,” the company has provided no guarantees. Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for Windows Phone at the end of 2019 will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the platform’s history. Xbox for Windows Phone has received some support from Microsoft, and it has continued to do so while it was possible. Instead, Microsoft has been working on apps for Android and iOS for years, and there have even been rumours of Android apps being supported for Xbox systems in the near future. Windows Phone has lost some of its lustre in recent years as a throwback to the days when Blackberry and Nokia dominated the smartphone industry. Xbox functionality will no longer be available on Windows Phones after this announcement.

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