Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
  • People are making fun of the overly sexualized costumes in Lost Ark, and one such joke has even spawned a whole Lost Ark meme.

The Ark is gone. Overly sexualized sorceress

There is no doubt that Lost Ark, the MMORPG from Smilegate, is a huge success, but it’s not without flaws. The game has been criticised for its gender-specific classes in addition to other technical issues. Included in this is the solely female-only Sorceress class. Recently, Lost Ark users on Reddit poked fun at the Sorceress’ wardrobe selections. The “pants” of the Sorceress class, according to one Reddit user, become progressively revealing as their level rises. This led to the creation of a hilarious graphic that parodied the pattern.

For naming their character ‘Hellgate,’ a Lost Ark player was banned from the game.

In a photograph sent to Reddit by ZhumosTheBlue, three sets of pants are arranged in decreasing order of quality. The Blessed Earth Pants, which are level 70 and resemble brown hotpants, are the first item. Secondly, level 90 Brilliant Director Pants seem like a very expensive bikini bottom. The next bikini bottom is the level 302 Crossing Paths Pants. ilvl 1000? appears on a piece of string in the final image. First-time sorcerer: “I fully expect to get to the end game and be given 2 [band-aids] and a cork for armour,” the top comment reads. Another said that “summer-dress bikini thingy” is the attire of choice for most high-level sorceresses. Despite the fact that this isn’t exactly what the first commenter stated, it still suggests that late-game goods lack visual diversity. Late-game Sorcerer outfits in Lost Ark’s Sorcerer class appear to be a deliberate attempt to lure players toward purchasing premium character skins.

It’s likely that the Sorcerer’s magic is powered by photosynthesis.

therefore their garb allows them to soak up as much sun as possible. It may be difficult to take the game seriously if you’re wearing a skimpier attire. Many other RPGs have lovely female characters without going as far off the deep end as Lost Ark does, despite this complaint. Jokes aside, the lack of variation in the game’s attire appears to be the most major issue. In addition to Sorceress criticisms, the Paladin and Bard of Lost Ark were also criticised for their attire. Lost Ark’s sexy clothing for female characters stand out more than those of other video games, which offer similar outfits for their female characters.

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