Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

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  • European users have been unable to access Lost Ark since its release date of February 11 due to the game’s overcrowding on its servers. Smilegate, the company behind Lost Ark, has now admitted that a remedy for this problem is unlikely to be released anytime soon.

The launch of Lost Ark in North America and Europe went awry. For the duration of the promotion, Amazon will give players three free days of Crystalline Aura, which provides players with free 7,000 experience per minute, a pet that can repair and store items, and a 10% increase in Life Energy recovery. Loss Ark players in Europe continue to be plagued by unreasonably high wait times to join servers, despite Amazon fulfilling their commitment.

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Amazon and Smilegate developed a Europe West Region in an effort to fix this problem. It’s a problem, though, because the game doesn’t allow users to transfer their progress to another server. To join a less-populated server, gamers will have to start from scratch, which is a difficult order in an MMORPG like Lost Ark that is already so massive. It has also been mentioned on the game’s official Twitter page that raising a server’s capacity is now impossible, and adding additional servers is also unlikely due to the complexity of the game’s architecture. Sadly, this isn’t the only problem that European players have had to deal with. As a result, Smilegate and Amazon have put out an update that appears to have fixed the other issues European Lost Ark players have been having. Issues with premium currency and the in-game cash shop were stated to be fixed, as were problems with the game’s user interface and a bug affecting Lost Ark’s Northern Lawmaker skin. Players may also return their Royal Crystals to the Currency Exchange. Lost Ark’s massive Steam concurrent player count of 1.325 million at its peak appears not to have been affected by any of these difficulties. On Steam, Lost Ark became the second most popular game of all time. Amazon and Smilegate will now have to come up with a way to address the constrained European servers of Lost Ark if they want to maintain their success. Players may be able to transfer their progress to other servers, or the game may be expanded to include more servers in the future.

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