Tue. Dec 6th, 2022
  • A man has been captured regarding the homicide of Christiane Louise, a voice entertainer who played Cortana in Halo and Mercy in Overwatch.

The voice acting local area has recently lost one of its noticeable individuals, and a man has been captured for her homicide. Christiane Louise was known to numerous gamers, as she voiced characters across a few establishments like Halo and Overwatch. Brazillian voice entertainer Christiane Louise was most popular in the gaming local area for her voice acting work as Cortana in Halo, Mercy in Overwatch, Hellen Lovejoy in The Simpsons, and Sivir from League of Legends. Christiane Louise died on August 6, 2021, as indicated by an associate of hers. The Brazillian voice entertainer was 49 years old and she has purportedly been killed in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Police captured Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa regarding the homicide of Christiane Louise.

Vasconcellos da Costa has conceded to the homicide in Rio de Janeiro, however he purportedly acted with good reason. It is accounted for that Vasconcellos da Costa’s thought process was an aim to keep the entertainer’s effects and legacy after her destruction. As indicated by the police, Christiane Louise was killed in her own condo with a wrecked cup. The suspect purportedly cut the Brazillian voice entertainer’s leg and her throat prior to concealing her body. The suspect supposedly killed Louise a few days before her body was found. The suspect had the assistance of his mom Eliane Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa in the wrongdoing. A few of Louise’s assets were found at the speculate’s mom’s home, yet she stays at large.

As per the Brazillian police report:

the suspect and his mom enjoyed two days with the body of Christiane Louise inside their home prior to concealing the body. The body was found by police 2-3 days after the homicide occurred. Altogether, Louise had been dead for eight days before the news was at first investigated Instagram by her associate, Mário Tupinambá Filho.

The case is presently progressing so Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa is as of now a suspect:

yet he was purportedly protecting himself when the assault occurred. As per a source acquainted with the two, he and Christiane Louise met at a mental facility in 2017 and from that point forward had become companions. It’s as of now indistinct how Vasconcellos da Costa intended to get Louise’s assets as a whole and legacy. A few Halo, League of Legends, and Overwatch fans reacted to the insight about ChristianeLouise’s passing with distress and agony. A larger part of fans sent expressions of help to Louise’s loved ones as they attempt to grapple with her misfortune. A few Overwatch fans rushed to call attention to that saints never kick the bucket, something Mercy says while restoring fallen partners in Overwatch.

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