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Because we lack the chips needed for the metaverse, we cannot use it
It has become apparent that there is a gulf between the way corporations in the United States are talking about the metaverse and its scalability, based on the nature of the computing power required. As with the decades-long effort to reduce personal computers to the size of an iPhone, getting there will necessitate significant innovation. One doesn’t even know how or where to begin, let alone if the devices will continue to be semiconductors in the near future.We may have to put up with science fiction for the rest of time.

Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg’s term for an embodied internet that you’re actually in rather than just looking at, will allow you to do everything you can currently do online and “some things that don’t make sense on the internet today, like dancing.”

This is why the metaverse sounds so vague:

Video games may already have an early form of the metaverse, according to some. Both Roblox and Fortnite have millions of users. A 2.5 petabyte digital copy of the world, including real-time flight and weather data, has been created by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The metaverse will most likely only become a reality if computing technology improves by a significant amount in the next generation. However, no one can say exactly what the system requirements will be because they will be so different from previous computer shifts.

“Truly persistent and immersive computing, at scale and accessible by billions of humans in real time, will require even more,” wrote Raja Koduri of Intel in a recent editorial. “A 1,000-fold increase in computational efficiency from today’s state of the art will be required.”

However, Koduri’s estimate could be conservative and the computing requirements could easily be ten times higher than what he originally estimated.

However, quantum computing may or may not be the answer. Today, the technology is mainly theoretical, and it will be decades before it is put into practise. In order for a metaverse to be created, however, quantum computing will be required. With the current technology, it is possible to create even specialised chips in order to squeeze out even more performance.

Real-time ray tracing was once thought to be an impossibility, but now it’s possible with chips in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, according to University of Washington computer science professor Pedro Domingos.

Similarly, chip manufacturing technology will have to leap forward as a whole. Extreme ultraviolet lithography machines are already being used by companies like TSMC and Intel to print the most advanced chips. Chip-making machines will be too expensive at some point in the future, or features will be unable to be shrunk any further.

Ben Bajarin, CEO of Creative Strategies, said, “I don’t want to say we need a breakthrough, but we’re pretty close to needing a breakthrough.” This problem will not be solved by sub-one nanometer technology in the next four or five years.

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The Wall Street Journal reported late Monday that Intel is in talks to acquire Tower Semiconductor, an Israeli chip manufacturing company, for nearly $6 billion.

An agreement between Intel and Micron would allow the company to produce more older, less advanced chips. When it comes to processors, Intel has traditionally focused on the most advanced ones and sold off older ones to other companies. There is a possibility that this week’s Journal will publish an article about the acquisition.

However, under Pat Gelsinger, the new CEO of Intel, the company announced last year that it was creating a contract manufacturing unit to manufacture chips designed by other companies, such as Qualcomm. With the addition of Tower Semi’s manufacturing facilities to Intel’s existing facilities, it is likely that the company will be able to manufacture some of the less advanced chips used in automobiles, military, and medical devices.


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