Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

There are 3,333 Humans, 3,333 Humanoids, and 3,333 Hybrids in the Triadverse. As a result of decades of conflict, our planet is nearly depleted and on the point of extinction. Tria$ (the planet’s primary resource) is mined by a lone Chosen in year 3,333; he or she unites them all to accomplish a single goal: power intergalactic travel and populate a new world with new species.

The Meta Triads are what?

Ten thousand ERC721 standard Meta Triads deliver real-world utility and passive income through project shareholding.

With the help of this project, fashion and apparel companies will be able to produce their own augmented reality and metaverse collections. Every time a transaction is completed, Meta Triads NFT holders gain TRIA$ in native token.

When it comes to software startups, the team behind this one has more than $450,000 in seed funding and an evaluation of $5,000,000.


Profits from three different markets are divided up. The first one-stop fashion bazaar for the real, augmented reality, and metaverse – all integrated – will pay each NFT bearer.

Unrestricted Entry

Access to limited fashion drops before they go on sale to the general public. All collections will be in the hands of the holders.

Become a member of the Tribunal

Holders can participate in the Tribunal / DAO as a founding member of a Triad. Taking on the role of a project supervised by the local community.

NFT holders of Meta Triads will receive a daily airdrop of 9 TRIA$. Tria$ – an ERC20 standard token – will have a future utility in the marketplace because it will be the primary currency of the Tria ecosystem.

Airdrops and NFT Breeding

Gen (Delta) can be bred in the parallel universe if the bearer has at least two Triads. Holders of Gen Delta NFTs will receive airdrops from the new Gen NFTs as a result.

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