Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

First report from GIPSI, Tonic Worldwide’s HI+AI (Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence) division, on the Metaverse as NFTs is now available.

The metaverse, which is now referred to as Web 3.0, is built on the foundation of user experience. When GIPSI delved deep into AI data to understand and decode the Metaverse, it discovered that learning about it passively was not enough. A collection of NFTs on called “Metaverse Loading” can be seen, liked, and shared.
GIPSI thinks the metaverse is still loading right now. For the sake of clarity, GIPSI opted for a hands-on approach.

In the form of NFTs, “Metaverse loading” is a snackable mini-report. The goal is to get people interested in the metaverse and to encourage them to begin their own journeys into the realm of the metaverse. In this report, we learn about the scope of the metaverse’s conversations and emotions as well as its early adopters and side effects. In addition, it provides ideas for brands to enter the Metaverse and take advantage of more opportunities to engage their customers in a more experiential way.

The GIPSI report’s most important findings are as follows:

The Metaverse is not going anywhere. As of early January 22, there were 23.4 million global conversations and 414k conversations in India.

GIPSI is reporting a dramatic shift in the metaverse’s mood. When fear was first expressed, it became clear that there was a need for further discussion and answers. While it was initially dismissed as a prank or a smokescreen, the’mockery’ surrounding it has now caused audiences to develop FOMO (fear of missing out).

  • GIPSI has identified early adopters of metaverse based on data from early January ’22.
  • With 3.95 million conversations, gamers In the metaverse, they are known as “natives.”
  • With 755K conversations, investors They’ve come to make a profit.
  • With more than 300,000 conversations, these are the entertainers. They’re looking for a new location to perform.
  • Brands, last but not least! As part of the new marketplace, these people are here.
  • GIPSI, on the other hand, wants readers to be aware of the metaverse’s other side. Effects on the body. Some of these are minor issues, while others are major ones.
  • An undercurrent of concern about the effects of AR glasses and VR lenses on the eyes is being expressed in larger conversations about these devices. Providing a clear signal to the eyecare industry.
  • Conversations about the future of the brain have grown by 1420 percent, and many are concerned about the impact on mental health. Concerned experts have expressed their concerns. This isn’t a trickle.
  • The environment’s future is a jumbled mess. According to the data, the metaverse has both good and bad aspects when it comes to the environment.

Metaverse, according to Anjali Malthankar, the National Strategy Director for Tonic Worldwide, is a “experiential web.” While it’s still in the process of being implemented, it won’t be long before it’s the norm to use the web for everything. Big-medium-small companies, as well as smaller brands, are eager to learn and get involved, which is a good sign. For web 3.0, there is no dearth of interest and excitement, unlike web 2.0, where it took a pandemic for all brands to embrace digital. For the time being, GIPSI is experimenting with loading NFTs from into their Metaverse.”

“Metaverse is still a mystery to most marketers and consumers,” said Unmisha Bhatt, Tonic Worldwide’s Chief Strategy Officer and Director for India and the Middle East. The fear of the unknown and of new technology is the source of this restraint. A report in the form of NFTs is our attempt to demystify Metaverse for marketers by allowing them to experience it for themselves firsthand.”

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